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Robin Williams RIP in peace

wow... i have the best spawn ever. I have only been playing it for a couple weeks... every time i go on a mining expedition though, i get around 50 iron. i spawned by a ravine.

Read Wizard of Oz... now think of what Dorothy did...
Summary somebody else wrote: A girl travels to a faraway land, killing the first person she meets. She then teams with strangers to kill again.
Unintended, but true.

Once again... WHY AM I HERE???

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Most of my relatives live in Singapore so I am lucky that I get to visit there every 2 or 3 years. If you get the chance, visit, it's a great city with lots of attractions and REALLY great food. Almost everyday a new building or attraction gets built. If you see a restaurant that looks a bit shabby it doesn't mean the food is bad, in fact some of the best food is sold in the large groups of what we would call "street vendors." The stalls of food are open pretty late so you can eat at midnight and expect large crowds of people eating around you. They provide benches and the food is quick, almost like fast food but better quality and healthier with a better variety.
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