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Restore balance to your hectic life!!
Pleasure guides us to better health. When experiences are enjoyable, we want more of them. Our bodies tell us that sleep, reproduction, eating, companionship, and exercise – to name just a few of our common daily activities – are enjoyable. Our survival depends on engaging in these activities.
A most exciting way to live is in true connection with your partner, family, friends and business associates.
We provide relationship, couples and marital counseling to couples in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Tampa Bay areas.
People who grow up in a dysfunctional family may fail to learn the difference between love and sympathy. My latest blog touches on the differences between love and rescue.
Ever considered Group Therapy? Dr. Quintal & Associates offer Group Counseling to help you deal with a wide variety of issues such as; self-esteem, parenting, sports performance, test taking anxiety, etc. Visit our link for more information.
#Anxiety is a common reaction to the stress of everyday life or to a particular situation.  It is a normal emotion often associated with a feeling of uneasiness, fear or worry. However, people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), feel some anxiety or worry almost constantly. Learn how we can help!
At Dr. Quintal & Associates, our mission is to provide confidential, personalized service and positive solutions to your personal problems and concerns.

With our experience and knowledge, we can apply a variety of therapeutic methods specifically tailored for you to resolve your issues in the shortest period of time.  Our list of experienced professional therapists is below; please click on the picture of the therapist you’d like to learn more about.
Do you or someone you care about have a difficult time trusting others? You may enjoy reading my latest blog about the ability to trust.
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"Had no idea he was one of the main innovators of this up and coming RRT therapy!"
"At the end of the day, it was money well spent."
"What was promised didn't even come close to what was received."
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Stacey Rime's profile photo
Stacey Rime
a month ago
Dr Quintal has been extremely helpful. For years I have struggled with conversion disorder being completely hopeless for years. I have been hospitalized for many health reasons and treated with surgeries which never cured my issues. They always came back and Drs were stumped. Dr Quintal has helped me in many ways. He was able to help me deal with my past which was where most of my issues began. I have done so well that my husband which was a non believer at first asked me to take my children. Both my children have seen Eric. He was able to relate to both of them and made massive progress. My daughter is a complete happy teenager. She still may be sassy but, full functioning and very happy. My son is progressing very quickly. Making leaps and bounds. I feel he is learning to enjoy life and to be open to new things. My husband has referred several people as well as myself. Much success! My psychologist was the one who referred me originally. I was thankful she referred me as to many years of therapy and medication hasn't accomplished anything accept for the fact I felt depressed and not functional. Now I enjoy life again. I have done and felt things that I haven't felt since a child. I feel as if I now am healing and have a purpose. I still have daily struggles in which I am learning everyday to accomplish. I want to thank all the staff for giving me myself back as well as my family. I haven't been living in hospitals and Dr offices. I am living my life!
• • •
Marcus Wright's profile photo
Marcus Wright
a year ago
Very unprofessional in his approach to a very serious mental health issue. He obviously does not understand PTSD and just assumes that his method that he ripped off of someone else makes him a revolutionary. FYI, just because you have a piece of paper or a certificate does not make you a suitable practioner. Buyer beware. You may end up spending a lot of money only to be told that you feel better when you actually don't. Other reviews mentioned his credentials or lack thereof, I will defer to those posts because they probably did more research on that matter. But if you choose to see him, you will see what we are talking about when we say unprofessional and Ill-mannered (curses) during your very first session.
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
We are a business operating on an appointment only basis and I do not recall any session of that nature nor do our records show anyone by the name of "Marcus Wright" Maybe you are posting under a fictitious name. My goal is to insure people are 100% satisfied with the treatment they receive from us. We enjoy a very high success ratio and proudly stand behind our work. Please feel free to contact me directly at or 941-907-0525. Thank you.
Christine Manning's profile photo
Christine Manning
3 years ago
I am a survivor of multiple traumas from repeated sexual assault and violence all throughout my childhood. I had PTSD and had been in traditional therapy for over 16 years. I was on several medications for many years including anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, and anti-psychotic medications. I was suffering with flashbacks, anxiety and depression, hyper-vigilance and a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis. I had been unable to sleep peacefully for over 16 years. Also, due to the nature of my flashbacks at the time, my blood pressure was through the roof and was virtually unable to be managed by my doctors. My blood pressure medication was increased to four times the normal dose and I could not discuss any of the things that had happened to me without getting blood pressure headaches. It felt like I was reliving the incidents anytime I thought about or retold them. I began seeing Dr. Quintal approximately six years ago when my rape crisis counselor recommended him. She had told me that one of her clients went to go see him after being “stuck” for long time and my counselor was completely amazed by how much Dr. Quintal had helped her completely get over the rape. So, I decided to give it shot. I saw Dr. Quintal for one session and I was able to talk about any incident that I remembered without feeling any negative feelings whatsoever. It felt like I was talking about someone else in a horror movie and I was emotionally detached from the story. After a few more sessions, my blood pressure completely stabilized, I stopped all of my hyper- vigilant behaviors and my sleep disorder was completely gone. Every time I say that, I tear up because I never thought I would sleep in peace and that is still considered a miracle to me. Since those sessions six years ago, I have seen Dr. Quintal a handful of times for life’s inevitable valleys and he is always incredibly helpful to me. The techniques he uses are relaxing and painless. Somehow Dr. Quintal is able to communicate with the subconscious part of my brain that does not understand logic and reason as I know it. I have been able to without effort stop deeply rooted fears and self-destructive behaviors, and I have been off psychiatric medications for several years now. He is the only therapist that ever truly helped me breakthrough my PTSD. I would highly recommend Dr. Quintal to anyone for any reason. -Christine Manning
• • •
MJ McKenzie's profile photo
MJ McKenzie
3 years ago
My name is Mary Jane McKenzie and I am 50 years old. I had been a registered nurse for 26 years before having to quit due to psychological difficulties. I was placed on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication and some psychotropic drugs to be able to manage my activities of daily living and was also doing weekly counseling. I suffered from being sexually molested as a child by a family member which snowballed into my adolescence causing great difficulties dealing with my family members causing me to leave home at 16 years old. I had 4 failed marriages due to my emotional instability. I also suffered from PTSD due to an abduction and kidnapping by a sexual predator. I self medicated for 10 years using alcohol and recreational drugs. I was reclusive and experienced much anxiety in social situations and always felt something bad was going to happen. In 2012, I switched therapists and was fortunate to have her know of Dr. Quintal and his treatment. Dr. Q said treatment would take a few sessions due to my complex trauma history, but that didn't seem believable. Even after my initial session I was asked if things were better but I honestly didn't know. I did notice that many previous triggers no longer caused me any distress but wasn't sure it would last. Then friends and family began to comment on the big difference they noticed in me. In the months since my last visit with Dr. Quintal, I have lost 45 lbs, am off all psychiatric and sleeping medication, am president of the Women's Catholic league. I am able to volunteer work and have hobbies that take me out of the house. I interact normally with family, friends and the world. This has been a miraculous change in my life. I have regained the ability to interact without any concerns of my past haunting me. I am like a newborn child and the world is mine to conquer however I see fit. In closing I'd like to thank Dr. Quintal and his marvelous staff for healing my life and allowing me to feel safe inside myself. My life with forever be changed.
• • •
Erin Lilly's profile photo
Erin Lilly
a year ago
Requested some RRT for past issues - he is very professional - but also actually warm and engaged. A nice combo when you are sharing some personally intense stuff. VERY CARING AND ATTENTIVE. Found him to actually be very fun and funny at appropriate times for levity! He has excellent recall of past details upon revisiting them with you next appointment - one of the most active listeners I have ever been around. (Seems to really love what he does and it shows.) Had no idea he was one of the main innovators of this up and coming RRT therapy! Outstanding! Would recommend to anyone. Only potential down side is that his schedule can fill up rather fast, so get in with him while you can. Really needed and appreciated the sessions! - Thanks Dr. Q!
• • •
Keith Douglas's profile photo
Keith Douglas
3 years ago
As a UK military veteran I was having difficulty finding a US organization who would/could provide treatment for my PTSD. After explaining my symptoms, Dr Q and I spoke at length, using something akin to word association (for want of a better explanation). After 3 hours of seeing Dr Q I left his office tired, but feeling a LOT better. Where there was gray sky and darkness there is now blue sky and sunshine. Although the treatment is expensive and Dr Q is out of my medical insurance network, I've sent a claim to my ins so hopefully I'll recoup some $$$. At the end of the day, it was money well spent.
• • •
Litl Miracles Pugs, Ponies n Studio's profile photo
Litl Miracles Pugs, Ponies n Studio
3 years ago
This man is a joke with his circus act made up therapy. He preys on people with PTSD and Anxiety and even admitted to me that he dislikes working with fat people. Hmmmmm. His degree is from a fly by night school, his degree is in sex therapy and he prides himself on calling himself a sexologist-read his lame dissertation online-it's public-and discover for yourself how sad his education was. All he is, is an egotistical businessman using a scam therapy stolen from someone else's idea that he trys to market to other therapists to increase revenue, or to clients to get them down to their last time. He does not care about anyone as a client and if you arent "fixed" in one or two of his BS sessions he abandons the client. NOT a professional and probably needs to be reviewed and treated by peers for his issues which are glaring. BEWARE! He trys to sells people a magic bullet and then makes fun of them behind their backs to make himself feel better or like more of a man or therpist I guess??
• • •
Response from the owner - 3 years ago
As an office operating under the highest ethical guidelines, we are most eager to ensure all clients receive quality care and are satisfied with treatment. I encourage the author to contact my office so that we can work through their issues. I am always available to address concerns with any of my clients. We enjoy a very high success ratio and proudly stand behind our work. I can be contacted at or by calling (941) 907-0525
Michelle McKenzie's profile photo
Michelle McKenzie
4 years ago
I saw Dr. Quintal for PTSD treatment. I spent a LOT of money on this treatment. What was promised didn't even come close to what was received. I actually left feeling worse because I felt like my condition was hopeless. I called Dr. Quintal to suggest the treatment did NOT work and he didn't seem to care at all or sound surprised. Would really avoid this, it's a big waste of time and money. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
Response from the owner - 3 years ago
I apologize for the delayed response to your review; it was just brought to my attention. I have no recollection of treating anyone named "Michelle McKenzie" and my administrative records coincide with my memory. Perhaps you are posting under a fictitious name, which is understandable. Please contact me directly at or via phone 941-907-0525; I'd like the opportunity to address your dissatisfaction. My goal is to help people get well and to be 100% satisfied with the treatment they receive from me and my staff. If you are a person with a legitimate complaint, please allow me to make things right. Thank you.