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Those of you who run websites,

People share from mobile. A lot.

People who click links on a desktop that were shared from mobile do not want to see your mobile site.

No, not even if the link starts with m. or mobile. because that's what the person shared.

Stop using subdomains to determine your presentation. It's leaky and wrong in a world where people share links. TIA.

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Here's a shoutout to days when we did shoutouts and for people that wasted a ton of time on roperisdumb message board.

Good times? I'm not sure.

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Added photos to Yan & David's Wedding Social.

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I'm having a wedding social and you're invited!
We would like to invite you to our wedding social on July 5 to support our upcoming marriage and TWO weddings! (One in Canada this summer, one in Hong Kong next year.)

We are also celebrating Yan's 25th birthday!

Event schedule:
Slient auction 6:00pm-10:30pm
Quiz war 7:00pm-8:00pm

You can support us by:
-coming to our social and bringing your friends
-bid on a silent auction item (ie one of Yan's paintings, gift baskets)
-entering the raffle at the event
-cut us a big cheque (wink wink)

Why you should come:
-You want to see Yan do the octopus dance
-You want to have your photo taken with a lobster hat
-You want to win a prize and brag about it to your friends
-You like Yan's dumplings
-You love to paaaaart-y!
-You know a lot of random facts and hope to win the BIG QUIZ prize
-You want to see David do the octopus dance*

List of prizes to be announced!

Tickets: $10
Available from Yan, David, Eldon

*Note: This will not actually happen.

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Go home Niantic, you're drunk. 

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This one is for Fahlcor and Chugor .

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I meant to post this the other day.

Server error when l33t3r is attacking my portal.
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Greetings MythTV community.

I am looking for a solution to the home video problem. I'm sure my family isn't the only one with boxes full of home videos in various formats. From VHS to Mini-dv.

I am thinking of creating two plugins, one to help get all these into a digital format. This plugin is relatively simple, just plug the output of the vcr into a tv tuner and hit record, maybe adding some meta data for start and end date.

The second plugin is a plugin view home video files in a timeline view with bookmarks and searchable tags. This would also give a good way of combining all the videos taken from digital cameras and cell phones to get added to the entire timeline.

I'm still in the brainstorming stage so I'm looking for some feedback. What do you think? Is MythTV a good platform for me to do this?

Do you have a pile of home videos that you need organized? Do you have a good method for organization already?
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