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Ok, I'm giving away an Oniss watch and case

How to win in two steps:

Step 1 - Put me in a Circle
Step 2 - Publicly SHARE this post.

That's it! You're entered to win, and I'll ship it to you anywhere

Random drawing is on January 1st

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This would take off like gang-busters if it was just accredited...
UoPeople is the first tuition free online university dedicated to the global advancement and democratization of higher education.
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Hi all.  I'm new to the Foundry and joined this group to learn all the tips and tricks that I can.  I have my first dungeon completed ("SL01 - Something Wicked)(NW-DSX6VFRR) and would appreciate any input you may have on it.  A quick explanation of this dungeon:  It's a 5-part series to teach myself all that I can before doing more serious work.  This series has some inside jokes for my guild to interest them in playing but I think that the story itself will be entertaining once more parts are added to flesh it out.  It has two maps in this first part and the second map (outdoors) is underwhelming in terms of content, so I already understand that part going forward.  Thanks for your time and thanks for the Youtube videos from NWUGC that taught me all that I know about dungeon building.
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Congrats on publishing a quest. There's a lot to learn, but you have the right idea: learn by doing.
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Imagine this: You video your son's first birthday party which culminates in blowing out the candles and singing "Happy Birthday". You post your video to YouTube and email it to your relatives. Stop right there, because you've now violated SOPA and are a pirate by posting copy-written material (The rights to "Happy Birthday to Me" are held by Summy-Birchard Music, a division of AOL Time Warner). You have single-handily shutdown both YouTube and Google/Gmail because they also violated SOPA by not censoring your every online activity and provided tacit approval to your infringement. YouTube is fined for the value of the song times the number of views it receives and Google is fined for the same thing (every person who reads your email is "viewing" copywritten material). YouTube and Google are prosecuted by the Attorney General and all ad revenue is legally denied to them. The Attorney General next removes Google and YouTube from the public DNS listing, so they can no longer be reached by typing or Let's hope that your son wished for SOPA to never become a reality...
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#swtor is going great, Smuggler is up to level 15. Find me on The Swiftsure as "Siddhartha" and say "hi"
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Got my Email from SW:TOR !!!

"Early Game Access has begun. It's time to play."

I'm giddy like a school girl. SwiftSure here I come.
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Where I'll be making my home ....
The Swiftsure, PVP-West SWTOR Server
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I'm really thinking that I need to post some more pictures on here... I'll be attempting to create a sausage/cranberry/orange peel dressing for Thanksgiving...I'm also going to look for some more interesting people to follow because last batch has proved successful :)
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A totally awesome and in no way creepy guy
I'm that guy who has big ideas but hates the details necessary to make them a reality.  I need a sidekick...or perhaps a minion... just someone to update my blogs and make me appear more interesting.
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The band calls me "Phil"... most of the time I answer to it :)
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I'm the GIS Analyst for the City of Largo.
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