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I cannot hotlink the image right now, but it is pretty large anyway. About 20.000 years of the Earth's temperature curve plotted with the major events. It showss a 4.3 degree C warming.

But look at just how this warming is distributed across the ages.

Happy denying.

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Scientists from Stanford University worked alongside SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to build an ingenious water purification device that is significantly faster and more efficient than currently available technologies. Instead of using UV rays, the new contraption relies on the visible part of the solar spectrum for its functions.

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Very cool.

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If there's no predeterminism in quantum mechanics, can it output numbers that have no pattern?

How can you know whether a sequence of numbers is random? Suppose, for example, that you buy an alleged random-number generator for use in creating cryptographic keys, and suppose the generator spits out something like:

84, 67, 33, 68, 81, 29, 83, 90, 26, . . .

The numbers look pretty random, but can you be confident that there’s no hidden pattern—perhaps because of a backdoor secretly inserted by the manufacturer or some other privacy interloper?

Certifying randomness is both a philosophical problem and an urgently practical one. Electrical engineer and computer scientist Scott Aaronson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discusses this in his two-part series of verifying randomness. Read more:

#QuantumMechanics #Randomness #ComputerScience #Mathematics #Physics #Philosophical #Numbers #Science

Further readings:
• Part 1 of this series in American Scientist magazine: The Quest for Randomness:
• Shtetl-Optimized, Scott Aaronson's blog:

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Interesting research.
A human talks to a machine. And it goes like this:

Human: what is the purpose of #life ?
Machine: to serve the greater good.
Human: what is the purpose of #living ?
Machine: to live forever.
Human: what is the purpose of existence?
Machine: to find out what happens when we get to the planet earth.
Human: where are you now?
Machine: i’m in the middle of nowhere.
Human: what is the purpose of dying?
Machine: to have a life.
Human: what is the purpose of being #intelligent ?
Machine: to find out what it is.
Human: what is the purpose of #emotions ?
Machine: i don’t know.

The picture is from the cover of "Robot Visions" by Isaac Asimov, published in 1990.

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Antique Shopping in the United Arab Emirates

How incredible is this place? Where do they find all this stuff? It was complete overload... so many new things I had never seen before... after looking closely at a few of the curios, I had to step back for a moment and take this photo to capture the scene.

We have some Big Announcements coming this week on — so stay tuned for that... some Secret Projects are soon to be revealed! :)

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Here's the southernmost active volcano, Mount Erebus, towering high over Antarctica, with a crazy polar sunbow over the top.  I took this a few months ago from the cockpit of a CL-130.

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Miniature origami robot
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