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Iz Parsley
Neither as young nor as clever as I used to be
Neither as young nor as clever as I used to be

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This is important.
After that, think a bit about cultural appropriation while you're at it.

Work head on tight. Game head won't come out. I have a game to prep for tonight.


Can someone more Google+y than me tell me if I can turn notifications on and off for certain specific communities? And if so how? (On a browser. The various Google apps for the various mobile platforms are abominations and I won't soil my devices with them.)

+Nicholas Hopkins +Matt Bohnhoff -- in case you guys see this quicker than on Meetup, I won't be able to make it tonight. Well, I maaaaaay, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Maybe you'll be able to have a sensible session of Perseverant now. ;)

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There's less than 55 hours left in the New MexiCon kickstarter! If you want to grab tickets to New Mexico's only small press RPG convention (and get a sweet bundle of PDF games), now is the time to do it!

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Me as described by not-me. I no longer work so hard to hide who I am, and Rachel is an awesome explainer and advocate.

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I've only just been (temporarily? I don't know) diagnosed with SPD by the behavioural therapy consultant at my doctor's office. Still waiting to be accepted for a proper evaluation at a local neuropsychology department. Trying to educate myself is proving to be a bit of a challenge, since almost everything is aimed at kids (and I'm 47), but this article was very interesting.

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A while ago I backed the Breakfast Cult Kickstarter, and soon the book itself will be in my hot little hands. I’m sharing this interview with creator Paul Matijevic on Friendly Neighborhood Gamer not only because it’s a good interview but because there…

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I have this vague feeling my players aren’t taking my Ship’s emerging self-awareness as seriously as they ought to…
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