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What could be a better start for 2012 than an Erlang Hangout with a special guest?

Join us next Thursday (26th January) and let's talk Erlang with one of its inventors!

+Robert Virding will give us that pleasure!

Please, start now sending your questions and points to discuss as comments on this post or on twitter hashtag #erlanghangout

Hangout details :
Date : 26 - 1 - 2012
Time : 7pm (GMT)
Duration : 60 - 90 minutes
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I'd be interested in any of the upcoming hangouts if anyone can give experience using Erlang in the cloud e.g. EC2. It seems to me that Erlang is an excellent tool for programming systems where instances may come and go, however I don't really find much discussion about it. Maybe someone could share the pros and cons of using distributed Erlang over different machines (and different networks).
- Does mnesia work well when nodes are distributed over an unreliable network ?
- Are there circumstances it is necessary to configure the heart beat timeout ?
- I've noticed some discussion on the mail list regarding distribution over SSL, so is that being used much ?
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