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Are you interested in a group video hangout with +Joe Armstrong (Father of Erlang) in a week or two from now?
If you are, please let us know your time preferences (including timezone)
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Any time good for Joe is good for me too.
It would be best on a weekend, in the Pacific Timezone. (But that might just be me.)
I prefer late night eastern time, but I know that it's too early for people in Europe. Since I'm self-employed, I am generally flexible. Afternoon eastern time makes sense for the three "primary" time zones (GMT, EST, PST) since it would be morning towards the pacific and early evening in Europe. I always learn from, and enjoy, Joe's writings and it would be nice to hear him talk as well!
I'm interested. Anytime that is good for Joe is good for me. (though weekends are best!)
I'm on EST, any time between 9:00 to 23:00 is ok with me...
If I'm given the date, I can try and be there, depending on whenever it is.
To those who will know the video hangout chat date and time: Please inform us at least one day in advance. I really don't want to muss this event!
B Singh
Anytime that is good for Joe.
EST afternoon is fine - prefer not Mondays
I am busy all day on Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday, mostly free all other times, and this is in America.
Any idea when the hangout will take a place? I already have prepared 3 questions for Joe.
Thank you very much for hangout - that was absolutely great idea! Now I realized the value if this goole's feature!
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