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Paula Neidlinger
"Preparing self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community.”
"Preparing self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community.”


I will be facilitating the course- DIGITAL APPLICATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITY- which is DOE code 4528.

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This past weekend in New York City, finalists were announced for the 77th Intercollegiate National Broadcasting Awards. This year, thirty-nine Storm Radio and Storm TV student groups were announced as finalists in the high school/middle school division, representing the top 10 percent in each of the categories.

Lincoln is currently the only junior high radio station broadcasting 24/7 in the United States through the IBS network. This is our third year participating in the IBS awards. This year, television, social media, and graphic design were added to the IBS national competition.

The winners will be announced on March 3-5, 2017, at the 77th Annual IBS International Conference in New York City. The Awards Ceremony will take place on the 18th floor Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Penn on Saturday, March 4th.

(See a list of all the finalists at or

Visit our website to watch and/or listen to all of the submission(s). under the Storm Radio/IBS submissions tab

Do you teach a broadcasting or media class in your school? If so, we would love to connect with your students. If you have any questions about our radio or television program, contact me below.

Paula Neidlinger here- Not sure what we will be doing for next week- but our LJH Digital Storm Mass Media classes will be paving the way for Digital Citizenship week at Lincoln Junior High.

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Great article in our paper about our LJH #dlday  .  Students held a #stopdropntweet  during all lunch hours- as a way to include all students and staff.  @LJHDgitalstorm led the way.  

Michelle- Have you set a date for the HSDL conference yet for this spring?  I want to make plans early!!

Looking forward to participating in HSDL next year, as I will be teaching Mass Media all day.  I have a lot in store for this class, one of which will be a student led help desk, in addition to school radio and tv station, social media, website design, and school newspaper.  I am looking forward to the challenge of developing this new full-time - all day class curriculum.

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Thought I'd briefly share how I'm incorporating the HSDL this year.

We have a new class offered twice a day this year called Interactive Media.  Within this class we are running - PTV2 News- which is basically our school announcements -but we produce in a studio as a newscast, upload through YouTube, and then embed in our student digital website.  All classes show the news during 4th hour. 

The class also includes a student-led radio station.  The station runs 24/7 and is internet based.  The station can be played through the TuneIn app on phones and computer.  It is run through Backbone radio.

The class also has a website design team, which has developed their our LJH DigitalStorm website from scratch.  They chose the venue and continually update and change every day.  It is their own site. 

One student has constructed and updates daily our EMAZE presentation announcements.  The presentation is run in the cafeteria on the screens throughout the lunch hours for students. 

We also have a small group of students that podcast the script which was used for the news cast- this podcast is then run on our Storm Radio- and then sent to our Plymouth local radio station and run at noon each day.

Our social media crew tweets out daily.  They also research the trends each day and research a Twitter fact of the day.  They contribute a segment on the radio show as well. 

Finally, we have a crew of students which produce special event videos for the school and community.

Lastly, we have several sponsors in our community, which donate money to support our program.  The students produce commercials, which are run on the Tv, Radio, and Website. 

This is an overview of our program this year. 

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How do you infuse technology & authentic audience...student-led school radio station has been launched- Storm Radio
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