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Understanding business entity types in Pennsylvania
Read more to learn about the different types of business entity structures. Whether their operations are small or large, business owners must choose whether to structure their companies as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies or corporations. The decision they make could influence many aspects of their business, including how they operate, how the company’s profits are disbursed, and how taxes are paid for the business.

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Pennsylvania choice of business entity
Read an article about current economic conditions in Northeast Pennsylvania and the decision of choice of business entity for new businesses that may crop up.

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Are noncompetes enforceable in Pennsylvania?
In recent cases, the courts have been clarifying the question of when former employers can enforce noncompete agreements in Pennsylvania. But some questions remain unresolved.

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This story is about an unfortunate fatality of a worker on the job. If you work in a job that has similarly dangerous conditions, make sure your family knows how to get compensation should you be fatally injured while working.

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Construction workers have any number of occupational hazards already. They can also be injured from the repetitive exposure to tools that vibrate while operated. Vibration injuries can be severe, so learn how you can get compensated should it happen to you.

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Fracking sites are dangerous for workers
Read an article about the dangers to workers at fracking sites, including inhalation of silica from sand that can cause several serious diseases as well as other kinds of injuries.

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Exceptions exist to going and coming rule
As a general rule, an employee is not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if he or she is injured while commuting to or from work. Given the fact that some employees have no fixed place of work and are called upon to travel on behalf of the employer, exceptions to the going and coming rule exist. Read this article to learn about a recent Pennsylvania case where an exception to the rule was applied.

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Understanding workers’ compensation benefits in PA
Take a look at this article about workers’ compensation benefits, what they are, what they cover and the process for applying. After a workplace accident, employees are eligible to receive benefits for a specific loss, medical bills and lost wages. However, their employer has the choice to either accept or deny the claim.

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Pennsylvania workers' compensation awarded for disfigurements involving "unsightly appearance"
If you work in Pennsylvania and are injured on the job, you need to read this article, which explains how you may receive workers' compensation benefits if you suffer from a permanent serious disfigurement involving a noticeable "unsightly appearance."
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