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Label Electro, Productions, Editions musicales
Label Electro, Productions, Editions musicales

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Nouvelle Compilation Sortir dans le Sud avec Summits Records disponible sur iTunes : 

[Summits Records / Stick Music / Believe Digital]

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NOUVEAU / NEU / NEW This sound is Good
Mellowave Records and Summits Records presents
Visioneight & Bootmasters feat. Trevor Jackson - Respect the DJ 2k17
Dear DJ’s! Oh, we got something Special for you! “Respect the DJ” was created to celebrate the DJ and give you your damn respect! Everybody thinks, to be a DJ is simple - no, it is not. To be a good DJ is like any other job, hard work. It takes passion and it takes a lot of time to search, to prepare and pick the right... songs. It looks like fun to stand there and play some of your favorite tracks. But a lot of times it's not fun if it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and the airconditioning wasn't working the whole night. Or one hundred times a night your trying to be nice to everyone who ask's for a song request on a piece of paper that nobody can read. And then, these guys visit you another 5 times asking why you didn’t play the song! What about the people who tell you how to be a better DJ right when your mixing into the next song. Also "fun" is, if your working on a shitty sound system with a bad mic, or one of your main channels on the mixer is not working 3 minutes before you start your set. What about when your not payed right or not payed at all. There are thousands of “fun” stories we know. In the end, it is a job that you try to do the best you can. This job is serious and important. How many people would realize actually how important this job is, if all DJ’s would stay home on a Saturday night, huh? So, with that being said...
Respect the DJ! Remix-Pack :
1 Visioneight & Bootmasters Mix
2 A-motion Source RMX
3 Poediction RMX
4 Mellowave & P-Force Trap RMX
5 Mellowave & 12inch Rockers Moombahton RMX
6 Rene Park RMX 7_DJM RMX
8 Andy Franklin RMX
9 Daniel Slam RMX
10 Heene John & Dorian RMX
Mellowave Records 2017
Mellowave on Facebook:
Visioneight on Facebook:
Bootmasters on Facebook:
Trevor Jackson on Facebook :

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New single by Matthew lewis jr / Superhero
Summits Records collaborates with the production Label "DO THE FONK RECORDS" on two new remixes
Matthew lewis jr / Superhero
first track from the album ''HAPPINESS'' out NOW on ITUNES and more ...
Email :
Official fan page :
SoundCloud /
Youtube Channel /
Official vidéo clip HD
dailymotion channel /
Vimeo / matthew lewis jr
Twitter /@matthewlewisjr
Instagram /
url video : 

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"Merry Christmas to You" Original Song by Chelsea Gill 

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New single techno by Miss Kailly / Tony Carmeni 

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2 Photos - View album

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Show Me the Way (feat. K.Lia) -
Single version extended de Shodown sur iTunes :
[Summits Records / Stick Music / Believe Digital] 

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New compilation CHRISTMASTRACKS...20 Tracks
Available on Google Play now :
[Summits Records / Stick Music / Believe Digital] 

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Dastic featuring CADE - Let Me Love You is 

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New single produced by Sebastien Nox - "Futurious Groove" Available on Beatport now :
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