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There are huge delays in posts notifications, some actions could sometimes take a few minutes. I hope it all becomes instant again soon.
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I signed up right after Leo posted your link, Facebook only took a minute or two, Twitter took a few minutes more, five to ten minutes.
Unfortunately this type of service seems a bit too shady for me to be comfortable in using...
i can't seem to connect my twitter acct to G+; i have confirmed that i posted the connect code to just Agent G. any help would be appreciated...
Bill, you might need to try again later, there's a zillion people all signing up at once right now.
Instead of being Fireballed, Scobleized or succumbing to the Slashdot effect, you've been TWITted.
Yeah, hasn't even connected by accounts yet! Hopefully it'll be worked out soon!
Aye, the LaPorte Effect has hit you.. glad to see you surviving! :)
I am afraid this is this going to be used as another aggregation tool was hoping G+ would stay away from that model
It doesn't work! I haven't seen my posts on Twitter or Facebook after configurin Agent G
mine worked great. setup was quick and the post took like 30 seconds to hit twitter and facebook
+Patrizia Campana, Make sure you're sending the code directly to +Agent G, if you're sending it to a circle it won't work, that was a mistake I had made in my first attempt.
Probably end up with 20 posts all hitting at the same time and people will be freaking out. Hope this works soon, that would be awesome!
It's working for me on Twitter but not on Facebook
I have the opposite going on. Works great on Facebook but not on Twitter. I'm sure once it settles down, all will be well. :-)
Okay, it's working now for me, on both Twitter and Facebook. It's an +Agent G WIN.
Great job, been trying it for quite a few days now. Thanks for the service!
it's working very well with Twitter for me (with and without a link), but still nothing on Facebook ):
Posting fine to Twitter but not to FB. My settings are all correct. Some test posts went through to FB, but no longer.
Mine are opposite - FB works fine, but Twitter doesn't work any more.
LOL - i'm sure the bugs will get worked out eventually.
Well, +Leo Laporte linked to you, so enjoy your server pounding!
(I was going to ask about the delays, but found my answer on the way here)
I followed the Laporte post to Agent G, configured it, and made a couple initial posts to try it out. They made it across with a few minutes delay. Subsequent posts have not made it yet, but I assume they're in the queue as the service gets pounded with new traffic from the high-visibility linking. Patiently waiting for the dust to settle.
Well, worked a couple of times, now I'm still waiting for it to post to Facebook and to Twitter... maybe there is some lag on the system. ;)
worked like a bomb for me! was almost instant!
o. i installed it and then checked it. worked perfectly. will try test again later
It works well. very nice work! but, I wonder if Facebook gonna burns this Agent G anytime soon... :-)
My tests to Facebook stopped working, though they're getting to Twitter just fine. Makes me wonder if Facebook is blocking it now. I wouldn't be surprised, but that would really piss me off.
It's been about 4 hours here since my FB posts stopped. Twitter still fine!
Well, neither Facebook or Twitter are updating from Agent G... is there any problem with the server?

Meanwhile, I will use the StartGooglePlus. Hope it's not FB or Twitter blocking. :(
+Fabio Pereira StartGooglePlus has been a bit inconsistent also, for me. G+ a bit buggy still.. it'll get sorted out. Not even a month yet...
Am pretty sure petty paranoid Facebook is blocking post from Google+. To Twitter works fine.
It was a great effort! Hopefully it or something similar could find a way to work in the future.. if FB allows and is actually the problem right now.
worked great, tweeted the g+ post in a couple minutes
Still works wayyyy better than going through the public RSS feed; that took a good 30 minutes.
Is the authentication string a general one the facebook uses for all connections or is it unique for Agent G to post updates to facebook?
Hmm, ok, all of my posts are going through to Twitter even with their current sporadic outages. Facebook still does not post after over 5 hours. So for me, Twitter works, FB doesn't.
I think u can author Twitter and have agent post to Twitter and Twitter to fb 
Maybe I will delete it or rather deny access to FB and reset it...
As of 21:45, ET my posts in g+ to +AgentG are not showing up in twitter in any sort of timely fashion.
Do I need to delete my "api key" posts and recreate?
+Hon Chun Loh Bingo, you are a genuis lol posts instantly to both!
Yep, working now for me too. Wasn't evil Facebook Nazis after all, thank goodness.
I uploaded a photo and shared it with Agent G. The post showed up on Twitter and FB, but no photo. Any ideas?
i write something and share it, nothing in facebook, nothing in twitter! why?
Confused. I post to my stream and make it public and add +Agent G, but G+ only posts it to public.
Still not working for me. Already shared my authentication string with +Agent G but the page still says Twitter Account is not associated with any Google+ account. Will still wait. =]
Worked perfectly for me with Facebook. With Japanese encoding too. Fast! Thanks.
Anyway to keep to login to FB and Twitter in tact? I keep having to re login to make the cross post work.
I cant even get the auth code to show after I try to login with facebook!??
I logged in to the sync page with my work Facebook acccount not the one associated with my Googe+ account and I got Facebook account is not associated with any Google+ account.
Is there a way to log out and re-sign in?
I would only use more if "Agent G" also works in a group.
It takes a long time, stick it in each post separately.
A quick status update is not possible.
My wife and I just received Google+ invitations yesterday and immediately set-up Agent G, which reports that it's properly set-up for both of us to forward our posts to facebook. Unfortunately, it's not working at all (unless the delays are measured in twelve hour chunks!).
yeah same here. I get inbound stuff from Twitter and Facebook, but so far nothing outbound is showing up.
nope my sync is still prity instant here! maybe after constant use it slows down?
Not working... says the G+ account is not yet associated with Facebook or Twitter - two posts made an hour or so ago...
Im still waiting too....patiently--But I think its a lost cause.
So the strike-through means it's fixed? Or a lost cause?
Just synced w/ twitter and it only took about 5 min. Tanks!
I also just synced and it took less then 5 mins.
It's worked for me exactly once. It hasn't in the past 24 hours.
Same here, it worked once yesterday and several attempts today and no synch to FB TW ID
it doesn't work with FB :(, but it works on twitter =)
Has about a 2 minute delay, but seems to be working fine.
not working here today, worked last night.
Trying to sync up, not working for me either
i've done as instructed. connecting to twitter account works. association with g+ account doesn't.
My google plus posts can not be in Facebook posts. This sucks..
unable to associate twitter / facebook accounts despite following instructions.
Are there delays at present? been trying for the last 45 minutes
Sod's law in effect there - wait patiently, post a question and then instantly my posts start coming through on both Fbook & Twitter.
Nice one ;-)
I and some others in my circles are having issues with syncing
Agent G worked intermittently though slowly this morning -- now doesn't work at all. I posted a status update a couple hours ago and it has yet to show up on FB or Twitter, both of which I linked to Agent G. Anyone know of similar reliable services to this that WORK?
finally got synced up but it hasn't reposted anything yet
now it's not working at all for me for the past 24 hours... oh well guess at some point it'll be more stable
Mine stopped working... is the app working?
twitter sync works but FB does not, why? Any tips?

Overall rating
Anybody getting this to sync with twitter?
Site shows me as linked up with Facebook, but none of the three posts I put through at various times today have come through. Is it just over capacity? Or is Facebook blocking now?
Authentication took 30 seconds. Post shows up immediately. Thanks +Agent G
Can somebody walk me thru this its like I try everything an nothing is working 
How long will it take to associate account to FB now? It's been 20mins but still now working.
FYI - You may already know, but posts don't seem to be going to FB. I signed up this evening and my first post went through fine, but subsequent posts haven't (though they've landed at Twitter correctly).
worked yesterday but not today, after a few failed posts I reconnect it to FB and it works, but not instant, may take a minute
Ushio K
can't get my fb account associated. did exactly what the instruction says but didn't work. why? post the authentication string and share only with Agent G, doesn't it?
Try to syc with Twitter and FB but doesn't support!
mine is not syncing just now i tried
Yup, I'm having the same problem. I did this about 2 hours ago. I'm happy to wait but I suspect something is broken
just now i checked in facebook there is no Agent G apps. i dont think this will work in facebook
Working now - took 2- 3 hours to authorise me
It doesn't work! I've tried posting four times and only one of them went through to my Facebook.
me too.
It's everything OK?
it seems that it's not syncing with facebook. is it a facebook issue?
Would be nice with a status update from mr agent g. Service worked fine yesterday but today non of my updates made it through to fb :-( 
I see updates syncing properly to Facebook, can you please link me to specific posts which were not synced?
Just worked for me twice, had to wait a few minutes.. I sort of expect this thing's popularity will explode soon though...
+ to fb is not working for me at all. made several posts that do not ever show up on FB. seems to work OK going to twitter