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Rob McGee
Formerly known as Agent G. I will sync your posts to FB/Twitter/ -
Formerly known as Agent G. I will sync your posts to FB/Twitter/ -


Our Facebook application is back! Posts should sync properly and users who haven't yet connected can now use Facebook connect.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

There's a temporary problem with our Facebook application and posts can not be synced to Facebook at the moment.
Sorry about that, we hope to have this issue resolved quickly.

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There are huge delays in posts notifications, some actions could sometimes take a few minutes. I hope it all becomes instant again soon.

Fixed some issues with syncing posts containing attached links.
Posts containing only an attached link (without any added text in post's body) will now be synced with the link's description as its textual content, if the link's description is too long for the destination network then the link's title will be used instead (usually much shorter).

There was some problem with syncing Chinese posts to other networks - Problem seems to be solved now, can any Chinese user please test and verify?
Please let me know if you're having any other issues.

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