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Ned Leffingwell
Huge nerd, loving husband and father.
Huge nerd, loving husband and father.

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Moving Your Game Collection!
There hasn't been a post for a while as we are in the process of packing up our house.  So today's post is a warning to all the collectors out there.  Moving a huge game collection is no joke.  Here are some tips. 1.  Stop buying games right now! Seriously,...

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Rolling Wednesday: Quickest Kickstarter Ever!
I got my Diminishing Knight dice in the mail last week!  I would have posted them last Wednesday but I already had a post ready to go.  They are nice and big and I even got a cool fridge magnet.  Hats off to Black Oak Workshop.  This is one of the fastest K...

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Rolling Wednesday:
There are various dice rollers on the internet.  Today I wanted to share one of my favorites, .  This site is actually a site for generating random numbers.  They explain how most computer programs use pseudo-random methods to create random numbe...

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Rolling Wednesday: Stone Dice
Today's dice is a set of stone six-siders that I picked up at the Natural History Museum in Houston.  They are nice and hefty.  I don't dare roll them because I am afraid that I will either break the dice or the table.  They look cool and make great props, ...

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Rolling Wednesday: Round Dice
This is a round die.  It belonged to a pair but I lost the other one long ago.  The die has a weight inside of it.  You roll the die and the weight eventually brings it to a stop.  I loved my round dice when I was a kid.  I thought they were really neat.  T...

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State of Gaming: Play-by-Mail
I have been very busy.  Real life events are drastically cutting into gaming time.  I would love to have 3-4 hour chunks of time to dedication to a board game or an rpg session.  Instead, I am getting 15 minute chunks of time sandwiched between frantic acti...

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Rolling Wednesday: Pizza Dice (and more!) Kickstarter
This is another shout out for a dice Kickstarter.  Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo (the company that publishes Tunnels and Trolls) is doing a Kickstarter to make more of his pizza dice.  Pizza dice are a product that Flying Buffalo sells.  The idea is that yo...

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Adventures in Free Gaming: Federation Commander - First Missions
I love free games.  This week I got to play another free game that I downloaded off of the internet.  It is called Federation Commander - First Missions .  Federation Commander is a streamlined version of the Star Trek inspired wargame Star Fleet Battles.  ...

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Rolling Wednesday: Slot Machine Dice
Appendix F of the first edition AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide has rules and descriptions for gambling games that can be used in a campaign.  Gygax included two ways to model a slot machine using standard six-sided dice.  I was able to take this concept and imp...

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Rolling Wednesday: Random D4
Here is a random four-sided die from my collection.  This one is white with red numbers.  I find the d4 to be the most mystical die, due to its pyramid shape.
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