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Richard Zeng
Melbourne acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Melbourne acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner


How acupuncture helps insomnia?
According to the theories of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), conditions such as insomnia are a sign of an imbalance in Qi, the vital energy that animates the body and protects it from illness.
This imbalance can stress from a number of causes such as stress, anxiety, medications, depression and chronic pain.
To determine the underlying causes of your insomnia, we will take into account many factors, including your lifestyle and emotional and mental well-being. We will then work to restore the balance and flow of Qi by inserting fine, sterile needles as specific points along the body.
Your acupuncturist may also suggest aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, or other additional therapies. You may find that you sleep better after your very first session, though you will most likely receive the most benefit from a series of treatments.
Your acupuncturist can get to the root of your sleep issues by taking into account all of the factors that may be contributing to your sleep disturbance. With this ancient form of health care, you can treat your symptoms, improve your overall health and well-being, and start looking forward to a great night’s sleep, every night.
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How to prevent and treat cold and Flu in winter, naturally?

When the weather gets colder in winter, we tend to get cold and flu easily. Here are a few ways to help us avoid and prevent from getting a cold or flu.

Wash your hands frequently.
Wash your hands once you have any contact with other body, or touch the surface of the public places, such as shopping centre, shop counter, office desks.
Bacteria or flu virus can be transmitted by physical contact and enter the body, especially when infected hands touch your noses, mouths and eyes. So wash your hands thoroughly and frequently can help you reduce the risk of getting infected by the Flu virus.

Open your windows and door -have better airflow
There are more cold and flu in cold winter. One of reasons is that the air ventilation often is not good in winter: People stay indoor most time - we turn the heating on and close the doors windows at work and home all the time. Where the viruses float in the air in little respiratory droplets, they easily infect us when there is less airflow. 

Opening the windows and doors at work and home create more ventilation: Virus go, free air and oxygen come. 

Watch the weather, stay warm

As Plain Question, the Chinese medicine “Bible”states: 

Stay away from evil pathogen and harmful wind, according to different season and weather

Change your cloth according to weather’s change. Don’t let yourself expose to wind and cold, especially in Melbourne - the weather change too quick. 

If you do exercises or sports, make sure you put jacket on as soon as you stop – you may still sweaty and feel warm inside, but get cold quickly on the surface. 

How to treat cold and flu naturally?
Take Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and may help improve the immune function. A high dosage of Vitamin C is recommended. (Take 1000mg per day for adults).
Take Chinese herbal medicine
Chinese medicine has been used for cold and flu for a couple of thousand years and have great effect for relieve the symptoms, such as:sore throat, headache, block nose. Herbs can shorten the course of flu and prevent from getting worse such as a chesty cough, or bronchitis. 

Common used herbs or herbal formula for cold and flu
Ban lan gen (Isatis root)
Ban lan gen (Isatis root) is one of the classic antivirus representative among many Chinese herbs. It was drawn based on its extraordinary performance during SARS in East Asia.

Yin Qiao Wan
Yin Qiao San (Yin Qiao Wan) is another classic patent herbal formula that has been used over two hundred years since 1798. It has been recorded as one of the major formula for cold and Flu in the official Chinese medicine. 
Have acupuncture and cupping, Gua sha/scraping therapy

Acupuncture, cupping and gua sha/scraping are good for cold and flu symptoms such as headache, chills and fever, body aches. 

Often people feel better straight away after treatment.
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20 vegetables for preventing cancer

Did you know, taking variety of vegetables for 500g-1000g each day, it helps your body to resist invade of cancer cell. Taking the right vegetables can also benefits those people suffering cancer.

The following 20 vegetables are the best choice for people prevalence or reduce the cancer (the number is percentage of the effectiveness to resist cancer)

1.Cooked sweet potato(98.7%)

2.Raw sweet potato(94.4%)


4.   Cauliflower(92.8%)







11.Bur clover(37.6%)

12.Shepherd's purse(35.4%)


14.Leaf mustard(32.4%)

15.Potherb mustard(29.8%)


17.Allium fistulosum(16.3%)



20.White cabbage(7.4%)
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Lower back pain and infertility
Almond Wellness Centre
Did you know that lower back pain may related to infertility?

Lower back pain is one of the most common condition in clinic. It is estimated that 90% people may have some degree of lower back pain in their life.

The causes of lower back pain varies for different people. Generally it is caused by injuries, heavy lifting, poor posture, sitting for too long time, lack of exercises, arthritis, etc.

However Did you know that lower back pain may related to infertility?

In Chinese medicine theory, lower back pain may be an indicator of low fertility energy - Kidney Deficiency. Kidney is a very special organ in Chinese medicine. The function of kidney includes: Stores the essence (The primary essence from parents); Controls the growth, development and reproduction of the body. Lower back, in Chinese medicine theory, is the “House of Kidney”. Lower back pain may be caused by Kidney deficiency: the essence of kidney is insufficient to nourish the local area, hence lower pain pain happens.

The symptoms of lower back pain caused by Kidney deficiency are:

Lower back pain, worst after standing or sitting too long time, or physical exertions. The pain often is chronic. Pain better with warmth, resting. You may have knee pain or weakness, feel tired all the time.

For men erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can be common.
For women may have late menstrual cycle, even amenorrhoea (no period), infertility.
For women who have difficulty in conceiving , it is common to have regular lower back pain before and/or during menstrual period.

This type of lower back pain strongly suggests Kidney deficiency. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help treat the lower back pain and improve the fertility.

The treatment strategy is

Tonifing Kidney

Common used acupuncture points are:

Kid3, BL23, Du4

Common used Chinese herbs are:

Du Zhong -Eucommia ulmoides Oliver

Xu Duan -Radix Dipsaci

Niu Xi - Achyranthes bidentata
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Women's 7-Years Life Cycle

“Women seven and men eight” is the Chinese statement on the growth cycle of human being from the “Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine”- The Traditional Chinese Medicine Bible.

That is, the number of women’s life cycle is seven and the number of men’s life cycle is eight. Every seven or eight years, women or men’s life change.

The physical change of women occurs obviously every seven years; and men’s change occurs every eight years.

“Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine” - Women’s Cycles of 7

7 year old: a moman’s kidney energy growing strong, teeth change and hair grows longer and stronger; (the 1st 7 years)

14 year old: her menstruation appears as the Ren meridian (the sea of Yin/Essence) flows and the Qi and blood in the Chong meridian (the sea of blood) becomes prosperous, she can have a child; (2nd 7 years)

21 year old: her kidney energy is balanced, her adult teeth completely developed and her body grows to full height;(3rd 7 years)

28 years old: her bones and muscles are strong, her hair grow to full length, her body is at optimal condition; (4th 7 years)

35 year old: Her peak condition declines gradually. Her energy in Yangming meridian declines. Her face starts wither and her hair starts to fall.(5th 7 years)

42 year old: Sanyang energy declines. Her face wanes and she starts to have white hair. (6th 7 years)

49 year old: The Ren meridian (Conception Vessel) and Chong meridian vital energy declines, her menstruation dried up, her physique turns old and feeble; She is no longer to conceive. (7th 7 years)
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Best Acupuncture Protocols for Infertility IVF and IUI
Monday, 23 July 2012 11:32 Almond Wellness Centre   

New research demonstrates a consensus amongst acupuncture experts on best practice treatment protocols for acupuncture enhancement of assisted reproductive technology (ART) fertility treatments. ART includes all fertility treatments in which both the eggs and sperm are handled. ART includes in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

In this study, researchers set out to determine if a consensus exists on high priority acupuncture points for the enhancement of ART. Acupuncture IVF and IUI ART has been used in the USA since 1981 to help women become pregnant. Although acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the treatment of infertility is a time honored practice, the combination of acupuncture with ART has emerged in recent years as an effective approach for improving pregnancy and live birth rates.

In this study, researchers administered three rounds of questionnaires to fifteen international acupuncture fertility experts to determine if a consensus exists on best practice protocols. The investigation revealed that several key components are central to acupuncture in combination with ART.

The timing of an acupuncture treatment in relation to the menstrual cycle is of great importance. An acupuncture treatment administered between day 6 and 8 of the “stimulated ART cycle” is optimal. In addition, it is ideal to have two acupuncture treatments “on the day of embryo transfer.”

Pre-transfer acupuncture points of high priority are SP8, SP10, Liv3, ST29 and CV4.

Post-transfer points include GV20, K3, SP6, P6 and K3. Auricular acupuncture points Shenmen and Zigong were also determined to be of high priority.

About the Healthcare Medicine Institute: HealthCMi provides online acupuncture CEU credit to licensed acupuncturists and publishes current events related to acupuncture, herbal medicine and important innovations in healthcare technology.


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Secretion of human leukocyte antigen-G by human embryos is associated with a higher in vitro fertilization pregnancy rate. Yie SM, Balakier H, Motamedi G, Librach CL.
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