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Provider of Quality Home Health Care Services
Provider of Quality Home Health Care Services

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What are the signs and symptoms of Infant Torticollis?

Do you observe your newborn having a tilted head? Don’t feel bad about it. Here are the signs and symptoms if your infant child has torticollis.

-Baby tilts their head in one direction
-Infants prefer looking at you over one shoulder instead of following you with their eyes
-They prefer being breastfed on one side only
-Baby exerts effort in turning towards you and gets frustrated when they can’t do so

Since babies with torticollis can act like most other babies, these signs will help you have a sense if they’re truly having it. The good thing though is that this condition doesn’t bring pain to the baby. Your child can also get better as they grow older. They simply have to be monitored properly. Doing stretching exercises with them is also helpful. Let us be your trusted provider of Pediatric Care services. Feel free to contact us 919-784-9218.

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Do you need well-trained assistance for your disabled loved one?

Our Certified Nursing Aides offer flexible care to clients in the comfort of their home. They are well-trained to assist the daily needs of the elderly, disabled or managing a chronic illness. Your customized care plan can also be followed. Ask us about the services we offer at 919-784-9218.

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You can request us for assistance when you call us at 919-784-9218. We’re open from 8AM-5PM, Mondays to Fridays.

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Have You Checked us Online yet?

If you’re searching for a quality homecare service around Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding counties, there’s no need to leave the house. Save your strength and time. Look us up online. Our website is Browse through our available services as well.
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We’re your provider of quality home health care services in North Carolina. Ask us about the services we offer at 919-784-9218. #homecare

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Basic Wound Care for Old People
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Providing Emotional Support to an Elderly

The following are some tips to help you provide emotional support to an elderly:
1. Spend quality time with the person
2. Use words to encourage, build, and make the person happy
3. Give gifts even if there’s no occasion
4. Serve sacrificially, selflessly, and lovingly
5. Never let the person feel that he or she is alone
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3 Ways to Keep an Elderly Safe While Bathing

Seniors are prone to accidents and injuries because of different factors, but mostly because of their weak bones and muscles. Family members and significant others must put priority on the safety of their dear loved one. One of the activities to watch out for is bathing. If there is a need to assist the elderly, then go for it. Here are some ways to keep the person safe:

Install grab bars

Grab bars are very helpful in keeping the elderly safe while bathing. Seniors can hold the grab bars to assist him or her in getting in and out of the bathtub safely. If you haven’t installed one yet, make sure you consider it one of these days.

Keep the bathroom floor dry

Wipe up water spillage before and after using the bathroom. You can also use a bathroom mat for that matter. Today, there are so many stores that sell all of these essentials for bathroom safety. You might want to check them online.

Hire a home health aide

You can also consider hiring a home health aide who can assist your loved one when taking a bath. The person is a well-trained professional who can keep seniors safe around the house. For quality home care service, just visit Absolute Care Staffing Health Agency at
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Have your health monitored now! Check out Absolute Care Staffing Health Agency at for 24/7 home health service.
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3 Benefits of Companionship

You often see your senior loved one smile at you whenever you arrive home from work. However, there is more that meets the eye. Behind all the smiles and giggles are feelings of loneliness and despair they carry with them. Here at Absolute Care Staffing Health Agency, we offer companionship service because we believe that this can alleviate those feelings they have deep within them. Here are some of its benefits:

It alleviates feelings of loneliness

Companionship through quality home care helps patients develop new relationships that can reduce feelings of loneliness. With the help of a home health aide or a private duty nurse, patients can begin to open up his or her life again and enjoy sharing wonderful moments together.

It improves quality of life

One thing is for sure – it gives patients a fresher perspective in life – despite the advanced age. Companionship will teach the person a lot of things and would make the person realize of his or her self-worth.

It brings comfort and joy

Most importantly, companionship can put a smile back on your loved one’s face. The feeling of having someone by your side who’s not just a companion, but a provider of care too, brings so much comfort and joy into their hearts. For inquiries, please call 919-784-9218.
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