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In the new Google+, there seems to be an issue with inviting people to a community. Here are some things I did to troubleshoot: In the new interface, when I invite a single email address that has not joined Google+, I get the error "your post could not be shared. Please try again later" and they do not get an email. If I switch to the old interface and do the same, the invitation works, they get an email and are prompted to create a profile when visiting the link. Also, in the new interface, I invited a few email addresses at once, and some did not get invites, and at least one did, but there was no error message. The person who did get an email did not yet have a Google+ profile, so I am not sure if that's related. My community # is 110018343696308603376.

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If you ride the bus in Rhode Island, check out the proposed route changes and voice your opinion.

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People kept asking me how I created transit shortcuts on my Android phone. I wrote it up in my personal blog - do you think this is "mainstream" enough for a CIS Google tip, or too limited an audience?

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Here's a quick way to reuse an attachment from one email in another. Do you do this too?

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If you've just created your Google+ account at Brown, check out this informative page about privacy settings and notifications. #google   #plus  #tips
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