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If you have clients using TripAdvisor recent review widgets, beware... I'm seeing as many as 18 redirects when it loads. I've got a kickass page speed dev who is going to create a local version and pull in recent reviews. Anyway, I thought some of you might want to know about this. I'm attaching a GT Metrix screenshot showing an 8.7 second load time for a 1.84 MB page!

Any ideas on good ways to publicize Yelp check-in offers? I've got a client (a dentist) who is way too dependent upon Google and I finally got them to set up a Yelp check-in offer, but no one is taking advantage of it. I am reluctant to steer them towards Yelp ads to do this. Any other ideas?

I saw a stat that came out the other day, saying 60% of mobile searchers don't click thru to a website. Now I'm trying to find the reference. Any ideas?

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New warning in Bing Places dashboard...

How do you handle practitioner listings on services like Moz Local? In other words, if you are managing the practice listing there, and they report practitioner listings as duplicates, do you "close" or "ignore?"

Anyone getting errors with Yoast sitemap_index.xml files today? I'm seeing 404s on two sites and another type of error on another site.

Here's a quick tip for claiming Facebook pages. For the last few weeks, it seems like calling to get a PIN does not work. It generates a call with the PIN but you don't get any place to enter it on the screen. But it does work if you do it from mobile.

Can I change a GMB practitioner listing to the practice?

Here's the situation -- it's a dentist office with two practitioners (father and son). The son has a verified practitioner listing. There is a listing for the practice in their GMB dash but it says "Your page is disabled and won't appear on Google." Apparently, this is because it doesn't meet the guidelines in some way. I can't tell why unless they think "Drs. So & So, PSC Oral Surgery" is a spammy name.

So, can I just change the name of the practitioner listing to the practice? Or should I jump thru the hoops to get the practice listing restored?

Is it appropriate to disclose to a prospect the name of a competitor of theirs that you have worked with before? I no longer work with the competitor and their exclusive with me has expired.

Can you bulk verify locations that have different names but are all part of a parent organization? Examples:

XYZ Hospital
XYZ Rehabilitation
XYZ Urgent Care
Sleep Center at XYZ
Something else without XYZ in its name
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