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Kirk Lowery

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Video recordings of all of J.S. Bach's works: "In September 2013 we started performing and recording all of Bach’s works. The first recordings were made available on this site on 2 May 2014, followed by a new Bach recording every Friday. Each piece of music by Bach has its own page where site visitors can choose: the recording, interviews, background information or audience reactions. You can watch and listen to every single piece in its entirety. Musicians will talk about what the music does for them. Background information is provided for each work and all the facts about the recording are compactly summarised. The public section of the site has space for reactions from listeners." Unbelievably cool!
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Kirk Lowery

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Not only is the price attractive, but I agree that higher resolution and larger screen are powerful features against Google Glass.
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Kirk Lowery

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US Desktop Search Query Volume Increases 12% YoY

That makes six straight months of positive gains (YoY) with the last four being in the double digits. I don't think this is a product of more people adopting search (though that could be the case) but perhaps that people are searching more often.  


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Kirk Lowery

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Here's some fun reading. No telling if any of it is true or not. (I'm standing in a hall of paranoiac mirrors...)
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Kirk Lowery

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"I think that this present century will see a great upsurge and development of this whole information business." -- Claude Shannon, 1959

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From the article:

Society, it turns out, doesn’t care what you do for a living. It cares more about how well you do what you do.
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Kirk Lowery

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When I was a kid, my parents owned a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. I used to pick a volume at random, open to the first page, and start reading.

Imagine how much time you could waste using these! And, of course, if your specialty is in one of these areas, they are "must" reading!
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Did the same thing myself. We had an old, complete copy of Encyclopedia Britannica. I think it was from around 1969. I used to spend hours reading through it one entry after another. Thanks for the link!
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Kirk Lowery

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TeXLive 2013 is released!
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