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So far, my player's Hawkers are doing a great job of pissing off the Red Sashes. However their next intention is to take a LUXURY VENUE from them. I have some details to offer them, but I'm a little nervous on the improv' side of things. Can you folks help me brainstorm?

How can they "take" the Luxury Venue, and what sorts of complications and obstacles would make for an interesting Score?

I have a group of HAWKERS starting and I'd like to hear how people are (or just aren't) handling illegal supply. Is there a mechanical currency? Are people ticking "supply" clocks? Are they earning coin in return?

Ideas are appreciated. 

I have a couple questions about early (v3) versus final version (v8) models of the game. I eagerly read the first playtest and kicked the tires with some friends, but didnt follow along with all the changes through playtesting.

1) What happened to "On Point" and "backup" roles during a Score? We rather enjoyed that procedural mechanic at the time, was it deemed too restrictive to the fiction in the final version?

2) I remember some talk about rotating the GM's role during gameplay (related to the On Point role), so that 5 players might all have active characters, and the role of GM was fluid. The On-point player may take their action, then move to the GM role for a round, etc. We were very excited by the prospect of a fully collaborative game. Will there be hack or add-on support for this style of gameplay in the future?

Thanks. Ive read the final rules, I'm gathering my crew of players, hoping to get my first session in the coming weeks :D

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The hack begins...

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Relevant to our interests. 

Does anyone in GASP play the Lord of the Rings LCG? My wife & I are just getting into it. Curious about larger group play and expansion advice. Thanks!

Id like to organize an online play for Blades in the Dark's quick start rules. Pretty casual, just taking the rules for a spin. 


Is there a setting in the works for classic gangsters? 1920s bootlegging, etc. 

I see a lot of whiskey names in the GM Reference (pg24)...
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