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James Fierce
Industry Disruptor - Results Driven Innovator - Creative Idea Implementor
Industry Disruptor - Results Driven Innovator - Creative Idea Implementor

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Casa Azul Artisanal Goods is having a 2 day flash sale. See photo's below for items.

Pendant Necklace: $21
Guitar/ Car Necklace: $16
Large Polished Stone Rings: $18 each
Manta Ray Rockstar Bracelet: $100

Use comment section or PM me if you are interested.
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Is something going on with Google Docs? And this new G+...not feeling it at all!!!! Is anyone even here any more? 

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Oh Android How I love And Hate You

Dear Android phone...I luv you but you have some issues I don't understand. How come I can post a pic to FB and it transfers instantly, yet to gmail and Google Drive it takes forever? Now I am pretty sure that Google, gmail, and Android are all Google products so I would expect there to be some synergy there.
And while I am on a rant, why can't I seem to share my Google docs on a Google Hangout but it works just fine on Zoom?
Come on Google get your act together!!!!!

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Please schedule a tweet or FB post with us on Thunderclap, we are bringing the psychological perspective of Social Media to the world!

+Wade Harman +James Fierce +Anna Godfrey
#SocialMedia #Psychology #BreakingGround  

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Asking for help has always been hard for me. I've always been kind of a loner, always willing to help others, but NEVER feeling comfortable asking for myself.

But the human condition warrants that are appropriate times to seek help from friends and loved ones and when you don't you suffer needlessly like I did.

I hope you will join +Christine L Bowen and I as I share my comeback story of from the brink of hell.
"Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No man is an island." — +James Fierce

James is one of the people who lovingly embraced me "back in the day" on Google Plus when we were pioneering the live streaming movement. He has become a dear #DivineConnection and it is truly my honor to play a role in his #FireceMojoComeback!

After a 5 year struggle, James is on track to bring his #FierceMojo back via his innovative and creative GoFundMe campaign ( and is courageously sharing his story to encourage and inspire others.

I invite you to join me on Saturday, July 30 to #MeetJamesFierce for an hour that will inspire you to overcome your struggles and #GetYourFierceMojoOn!

Looking forward!

"Get Your Fierce Mojo On!" with James Fierce on #CLBLive
Saturday, July 30 @ 11am ET
Broadcasting LIVE via #WLVSRadio

Details + Convo + More @!

#clblive #inspiredconversations #creativethinkers #divineconversations #divineconnections #listenvisionstudios #livebroadcasting #livestreaming #storytelling #webtv #risingentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #innovators #coaches #survivors #depression #mentalhealth #chronicillness #l

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"Once there is a glimmer of hope, take it and run with it!" — +James Fierce , Featured Guest #CLBLive

James Fierce is an innovation coach, entrepreneur, and survivor! Up until about 8 years ago, James was on an excellent career track in management with a Fortune 100 company in the pharmaceutical industry. All of that came crashing down when the Great Recession began and he was laid off from his dream job in sunny Southern California. He was able to find another position relatively quickly, however, that company shut down 8 months after joining and he was left reeling.

Within a few months, James was able to secure a new contract position, but there was an unknown menace sneaking up on him and he soon found himself dealing with circumstances that he had never experienced before in his life. Feeling completely overwhelmed and having no clue how to deal with the physical pain and the increasing depression he ended up quitting the contract position and isolating himself from friends, family, and from society.

As a result, James ended up losing pretty much everything. The California dream home, perfect credit report, all of his earthly possessions — all gone. He ended up moving to Mexico for a year, but spent most of the time feeling sorry for himself and not taking advantage of the opportunity for a new start.

Ironically, what really turned his life around was his dreaded return to his hometown in Indiana. Something clicked, his attitude started to change, and he began to understand that returning to this place he hated after being gone for 16 years was an opportunity to hit the reset button and start over.

After a 5 year struggle, James is on track to bring his #FierceMojo back via his innovative and creative GoFundMe campaign ( and is courageously sharing his story to encourage and inspire others.

I invite you to join me on Saturday, July 30 to #MeetJamesFierce for an hour that will inspire you to overcome your struggles and #GetYourFierceMojoOn!

"Get Your Fierce Mojo On!" with James Fierce
Saturday, July 30 @ 11am ET
Broadcasting LIVE via #WLVSRadio#RadioYouCanWatch

Details + Convo + More @!

#clblive #inspiredconversations #creativethinkers #divineconversations #divineconnections #listenvisionstudios #livebroadcasting #livestreaming #storytelling #webtv #risingentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #innovators #coaches #survivors #depression #mentalhealth #chronicillness

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Super excited to share my journey to #GetMyFierceMojoBack  with +Christine L Bowen 
I’m so excited to introduce you to my dear Divine Connection, #JamesFierce#InnovationCoach, #Entrepreneur, #Survivor!

There's a bit of history here…we were blazing the trail with #LiveStream video back in the day on #GooglePlus. Then… one day, Jim disappeared… until now. Stay tuned for the story, event details, pre-show convo, and more by following the hashtags… #GetYourFierceMojoOn #CLBLive

"Get Your Fierce Mojo On!" with +James Fierce on #CLBLive
Saturday, July 30 @ 11am ET
Broadcasting via #WLVSRadio#RadioYouCanWatch!

#StayTuned to for details!

#inspiredconversations #creativethinkers #divineconversations #divineconnections #listenvisionstudios #livebroadcasting #livestreaming #storytelling #webtv #risingentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #innovators #coaches #survivors #tl

Who uses Google slides app on iPad? When you are in presentation mode how do go back to the previous slide without closing out presentation mode?

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A Day Of Reflection And Inspiration.

Day #9 of ‪ #ThirtyDaysOfFierceMojo  

To be honest the GoFundMe campaign has not been nearly as successful as I expected at this point. I have helped a ton of people throughout my career and life and I guess I just expected more people would rally for the cause. It's made me sad. Today is a day to reflect on this and figure out next steps for the campaign.

Here are the Fierce Top 5 Reasons you should donate generously to the cause.

5. Fierce is really a good guy. Whenever he gets the chance he does everything he can to lift up his friends and support them. ps that's a really cool name...who wouldn't want to help a guy out who had that name?

4. Supporting a local business with a heart is a hip and trendy thing to do right now. You do want to be hip and trendy don't you?

3. You get rewards!!!! Fierce will select them himself when he is in Mexico and lug them back with him. Let's make Fierce work his ass off.

Also, there are some product pics in the GoFundMe site but Fierce will be selecting several brand new vendors with really epic shit.

2. By investing in this project now, you get to have a hand in helping it grow. Fierce has put together an inspiration board and will be looking for advice and ideas from the supporters of this campaign. He will take you behind the scenes as well and share information with you that won't be shared with anyone else.

And the number one reason to support this is....

1. The vendors that Fierce is acquiring are AMAZING artisans. Their craft is their livelihood and they put their HEART AND SOUL into every single piece they create. Many are just scraping by and have endured life situations that we cannot even imagine. Yet, their gusto for life and the amount of joy they exude when you engage with them is contagious. The store that will be built is one that captures their joy through their creations and their life stories which will be incorporated into the site.

This campaign is truly a labor of love. It is FIERCE.
It has a ‪ #FierceSoul  

Please click the link below and contribute today.

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Early Morning Meeting With VP Development Elkhart Chamber Of Commerce

Day 8 Part 1 of 3 of #ThirtyDaysOfFierceMojo   #GettingMyFierceMojoBack   ‪‬

My ‪#‎FierceMOJO‬MOFO is in high gear!!!!! This morning I had a 7:30 am mtg with the VP of Development at the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce. She wanted a few tips on how to take the chamber FB page to the next level. Anyone who knows me knows how I roll when given the opportunity to shine...and shine I did :)

I put together a 10 slide Google Slide presentation jam packed full of tips for the chamber to use to improve their FB presence. I hit on most of their hot buttons and she was super impressed. I also showed her the workshop that I did for the Downtown Farmers market.

As a result I have already been contacted by the new Director of Downtown Elkhart Development who requested a lunch date to discuss how I can help him grow the city of Elkhart!!!!

Denise and I talked about putting together a conference for the Chamber members on a topic to be decided soon and she also wants to involve me in leadership academy.

And it's only 11 am. I have a networking event at a career fair later today and a Chamber Mixer this evening.

What are you doing to get ‪#‎YourFierceMojoOn‬ ?
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