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Jeff Bond
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Industrial Engineer, General Contractor

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ARCHIVED ... this account is no longer being monitored !!!

please feel free to talk on this profile if you wish, no responses forthcoming, moved forward after one GIANT, painful, but necessary step #backwards  ...
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+Chris Bridges ... you're making me wake up, and wake up an old account, just to let you know i think your kid took over your computer ... is NASA real ?

really ... ?


hope you enjoy <retarded> discussions, headed to the mountains, yes it's real ... lol, false flags all around, nasa the moon pluto mars it's all real amigo seen with my own eyes all the proof i need  #nasasocial  

+Jeff Bond wishes this account could go away, unfortunately it houses data necessary to refute nonsense posts, help a brother out ...
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PHOTOGRAPHY ... 24-hour photo critique marathon :)

check out sensei +Stephan Bollinger tear some heads off (of course, he always does it with a smile ;)

i'm sure +Trey Ratcliff will be in there as well, stirring up trouble (what else, some just know how to have fun!)

this is going to be EXCELLENT to watch for anyone who really wants to take their photography to the next level ... great way to enjoy some time for those who didn't make it to I/O !!!

p.s. i didn't submit any images this round ...
For — on Friday, May 29th we'll be doing 24 hours of critiques for anyone, for free!

This is show 2, focused on Portrait and Model.

We'll be live on video critiquing these things all day long, starting with Trey Ratcliff and several other Masters at midnight, New York time. The exact schedule to come soon! 

We are currently at over 800 Apprentices and we've had applications from over 100 countries! Be sure to pop over and enter your own application at - join this amazing new movement and new style of learning!

You can post your images to be critiqued over in THIS thread at:

We are also having a little play with Thunderclap for this event. Sign up here:
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CHROMECAST - Managing Backdrop Images !

New user flow for Setting up and managing Chromecast backdrop: 

PLEASE NOTE - the 'BACKDROP' option is no longer listed under the navigation drawer in the Chromecast application. Users will manage their backdrop settings and preferences via the Chromecast device card. See below for some of the new backdrop user flows:

Set up backdrop:
1. Open the Chromecast app.
2. You will see device cards of available Chromecast devices.
3. If you haven’t already, sign in using a Google account.
4. In the top right corner of the device you'd like to set up with backdrop, touch the settings gear.
5. Touch Backdrop.
6. Touch Allow to agree with backdrop Terms and Conditions.
7. Choose your personalized backdrop preferences.

Set your backdrop preferences:
1. From your Android or iOS device, open the Chromecast app.
2. Scroll to find the device card for the Chromecast you'd like to customize.
3. In the top right corner of the device card, touch the settings gear.
4. Touch Backdrop.
5. Manage what you choose to share by turning content categories on or off

for anyone who read this, you'll notice the new CARDS in the chromecast app, this is the first release using cards, expect to see more features & changes ;)
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CHROMECAST ... version 31432 bug hunt in effect !

if you're experiencing any of these issues with the most recent Chromecast Release (31432), here are recommended trouble shooting steps, and if you're still having a problem ... file feedback with the provided subject line

*Issue #1:*After downloading 31432 update, TV screen went black. Solid white LED. FDR doesn't register. Can't connect to CC.

Troubleshooting Questions:
When did first notice this issue?
Can you see your Chromecast listed within in your Chromecast application?
Can you Factory Data Reset your device by physically holding down the button your device from 25 seconds ?
Do you see the same symptoms on a different HDMI ports on the TV?
Do you see the same symptoms on a different TV?
What is your TV make and model?
Reproduce issue then file a feedback report with unique ID in the description: “31432 Issue Forum (or Google+, Reddit, Twitter)”

Issue #2: After downloading 31432 update, TV screen went black then user sees "Chromecast..." then black screen. Solid red LED. 

Troubleshooting Questions:
When did you first start experiencing this issue?
What your TV's make and model?
Does this occur in other HDMI ports on the same TV?
Can you try a different TV?
Reproduce issue then file a feedback report with unique ID in the description: “31432 Red LED Forum”

Issue #3:  After downloading 31432, user receives "Brain Freeze" error while trying to cast content.

Troubleshooting Questions:
When did you first start noticing this issue?
What are the steps to reproduce it? What apps have you experienced this issue with? 
Reproduce issue then file a feedback report with unique ID in the description: “31432 Brain Freeze Forum”

Issue #4: After downloading 31432, user receives "no signal" from HDMI port. Solid white LED, Chromecast app recognizes Chromcast. 

Troubleshooting Questions:
When did you first start noticing this issue?
What your TV's make and model?
Does this occur in other HDMI ports on the same TV?
Reproduce issue then file a feedback report with unique ID in the description: “31432 No Signal Forum”
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COMMUNITY NOTE ... asking for minor help from members please.

a LITTLE too much product advertising is sneaking in, and i am beginning to reject repeat submissions that are getting "flagged" as spam by the system.

basically, when logging into the community, owners are presented a list of posts flagged as potential spam, and overall it does a very good job !

it honestly only happens a couple times a month, and in general i have no problems with people exposing products for other members to check out, but ... i think it is MUCH more effective,  believeable, and respectful of other community members if reviews are done in a hands on manner, indicating clearly that you have used the product !

most people just don't buy into products splashed at them on a computer screen anyways, they go and do some research, ask friends what they use, you know ... they go find out about the product for themselves, OR from people they trust.

simply splashing product posts in the community creates noise everyone has to deal with, and nothing to do with effective product marketing, so ...

PLEASE respect the community members, and lets make sure ALL product posts follow a personal review format, that clearly indicates you actually use the product ... this is a HANDS ON community of people who really ultralight backpack, so i believe everyone benefits in the end by following this one simple rule.

cc: +Shawn Jones +Greg Brouelette +Mike Creuzer +David McDow 

you have FULL permission to reject repeated violators of this policy, thank you very much for being awesome, happy trails, jeff :)

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HOME INSPECTIONS ... we got your back !
REPORTING ... what we do using +Google Glass !

+Inspect.Net, Inc. has been a Google Glass beta-tested since the very beginning ... and now we are ready to reveal the results of our efforts, this sample report illustrating the critical information we provide to our clients.

Buying a house ... one of the biggest, most stressful events in a person's life !!!

WE take that stress out by providing Full & Complete Disclosure of buildings & structures ... NOT fluffy realtor-type information, detailing freshly painted walls, or new carpet, but real meat & potatoes like the discovery of active plumbing leaks, foundations undermined by soil erosion, and like in this case owner-modified pre-engineered attic framing trusses.

Information ... MORE important than money, with an emphasis on making sure ALL issues are properly disclosed to ALL parties.

Sample report ... ALL data and images collected are from Google Glass, have a look and we think you'll also conclude it is a very good excellent tool for field data collection.

Truth & Trust ... it's not just what we deliver, it's who we are !!!

cc: +Jeff Bond 
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QUESTION ... anyone seen this yet on +Google Glass ?
1. triple vignette ?
2. stacked cards ?
3. vignettes inside cards ?

please comment on original post, migrating to my google apps for business account ... thank you.

ping : +Allen Firstenberg +Noble Ackerson +Cecilia Abadie 
CARDS ... very rare triple vignette, how #intriguing  ;)

i've been experiencing lots of "different behavior" on +Google Glass lately ...

this doesn't bother me, it's part of the product development lifecycle, and i signed up as a beta-tester, promising to use & report back, but ...

what the heck is going on here ... any ideas anyone ???

there are three distinct vignettes sitting on top of at least one additional card with label(s) "now" and "recent" ... this is the EXACT design i have in mind for my use case, presenting multiple cards along the top to display information & tips for home inspectors while performing an inspection.

any thoughts on :

1. triple vignette
2. multiple stacked cards ?

this is different than a normal "stack" with multiple pages in the stack, this is multiple cards all being displayed at once ... or am i completely looking at this wrong, and there is a simple answer i'm missing ?
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BOND ... not me, but a little ol' bond market #malaise  ;(
that is if you call $450B a little ...

"More than $450 billion has been wiped out across global bond markets in the past few weeks and, for many people, there doesn't seem to be any particular reason why."

wah, market loses $450B ... NO ONE knows why ...  #WAH  !!!
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WHOA ... +Google Glass is actually IN the #movies  ???

screenshot of the just released movie "Mockingjay: Burn" from the amazing creative talents of +Kristen Brancaccio & +Leo Kei Angelos !!!

here is a SUMMARY list of posts relating to the project, that not only included portraying Google Glass in a movie, it actually uses Google Glass for some footage included in the movie itself ... now THAT is a first as far as i know, and i am honored to have been invited by Leo to participate in this amazing project.

have a look at what a couple young creative talents, motivated actors, and a tiny budget can create ... this is why i believe the future of movie making is going to become much more fractured.

project summary list :

actual movie :
first trailer :
second trailer :
sneak peek :
roll call :
first clip reel :
behind the scenes (BTS) :
team photo :
major teamwork :
makeup :
second film clip :

perhaps other movie makers will be inspired to create movies using Google Glass ... but for now enjoy this one all you #explorers  :)

special thanks to Leo & Kristen, really enjoyed ... do it again ;)

special mentions : +Kimberly Ann Graham (you wanted a badass katniss, you got it!), +Stephan Bollinger (sensei extraordinaire), and +Mia Suh (i know you wanted to see this, it's finally here ;)
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