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I got an adult bib that looks like a tuxedo for my birthday.  Apparently someone thinks I am a messy eater.  Pretty cool though.  From 

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MyBinding is proud to be celebrating our 15th anniversary and recent move into our new 70,000 sq ft facility.   We could not have reached these milestones without the support of our friends, loyal customers and terrific vendors.  To celebrate this, we are hosting an open house event on August 9th 2013 starting at 12pm. We will be having tours of our new facility, product demonstrations, and light hors d'oeuvres.  While we will be having some product demonstrations, this is not the focus of this event.  Our goal is to show you our thanks for 15 years of business.  

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My 3 year old has good taste. Stopped at the Ferrari store in Waikiki beach

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Check out these exclusive videos from eTail!

I did something to mess up the authorship on our blog but can't figure out what.  Anyone have a second to take a look and point me in the right direction?  It is for

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Great insights into cse's 
As an #eCommerce  retailer, advertising online can often feel like stepping into a huge poker room.

You’re surrounded by a bunch of people of varying skill levels who all have one goal in mind: turning their hard earned money into much greater amounts. And if you don’t have a good strategy coming in, you’ll likely be going home with empty pockets and broken dreams.

Also as the saying goes, if you can’t spot the one who has no idea what they’re doing, then it’s probably you.

In the last edition of the rankings we saw that the second place CSE provide less than 2/3s the amount of traffic to each merchant as Google did, and all the others drive a fraction of the revenue that Google did.
Would this trend continue?

We’ll find out in the 17th edition of our quarterly rankings below.  The final rankings are:

1. +Google Shopping (Paid)
2. +PriceGrabber 
4. +Nextag 
5. Product Ads 
6. +Shopzilla 
7. +Google Shopping (Free)
8. Bing Shopping
9. +Become 
10. Pronto

To learn more, click on the link below!

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Take a look at the projects our friend, Stephanie, put together with her binding machine. 

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Check out this article about our new headquarters in Hillsboro Oregon.

Anyone know a really good DNS expert.  I am having odd inconsistent problems with some Cname records and am over my head.
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