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I'm leveraging reddit for a silly experiment, please upvote it and contribute data if you have a minute!

I can deal with getting junk email occasionally. Everyone gets it; spam filters aren't perfect. But was the 8 MB attachment "Meditate and Pray for World Vegan World Peace - Be Organic Vegan and Loving Kindness.pdf" really necessary?

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In my sleep-deprived state, it took me a while to figure out why Reader was feeding me two Calvin and Hobbes comics in a row.

I think comments like the following are pretty good evidence that I have been up coding for too long: "This is going to make no sense without the context of the diagram I have in mind. Sorry."

I googled TLA. Second result is

Problem: music too loud to hear kettle boiling. Solution: move kettle closer.

I for one would rather people said nice things about me while I was still alive.

At some point in every engineer's life, it occurs to him that the less hair he has, the less shampoo he must buy.

The two settings on my washer are "small" and "extra large".
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