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RelyLocal Centralia-Chehalis, Washington


In between Seattle and Portland is the historic and charming Lewis County. Here is great directory to help you enjoy your stay. 
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Mid way between Seattle and Portland is historic Centralia and Chehalis, Here is your online directory to help enjoy your stay.
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This link will provide a calculator that displays the power of shopping and spending local. 
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Thank you for "following" RelyLocal Centralia-Chehalis. Here you will find a very proud group of local businesses centrally located between Portland and Seattle.
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What is RelyLocal?

A healthy community depends on a healthy economy, and both completely depend on the local businesses in Centralia & Chehalis! There are a number of great studies out there that illustrate how shopping locally will stimulate the Centralia & Chehalis economy.

Simply put, more money spent with local businesses stays here (about 68%), where much less money spent with national chains stays in the area (only about 14%), and money spent online... well... simply leaves. Forever.

"It's about the economy, stupid!" - James Carville

To us, supporting local businesses doesn't stop with the economy - It is all about creating a stable and vibrant community! Centralia & Chehalis businesses create jobs (tax revenue for schools, parks, roads) while offering diversity in the marketplace, with unique products and services not found in big-box stores or chain restaurants. Not to mention - these local business are owned by the very people who sponsor our little leagues, donate to our local charities, and volunteer for our community events - giving back to the community in countless ways. You rely on them, but can they rely on you?

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