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June 3, 1921 -- Marie Curie Visits Chicago
June 3, 1921– Marie Curie, on her first trip to the United States, visits Chicago for two hours and is “besieged by newspaper men and women anxious to get her ideas on the fashions, the war, radium, woman suffrage, the political situation.”  [Chicago Daily ...
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May 13, 1983 -- Chicago River Proposal for Beautification of Six Sites
May 13, 1983 – The  Chicago Tribune , in its “Community News” column, reports that a six-month project by Friends of the Chicago River has culminated in detailed designs for enhancing six sites along the river with all six proposals under study by the city’...
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April 30, 1886 -- Commercial Club to First Infantry -- How 'bout a Gatling Gun?
April 30, 1886 – At the annual reception of the
First Infantry, held a day earlier, word gets around that a fine gift for the
organization would be a brand-new Gatling gun. 
Members of the Commercial Club who are present get up a subscription
list, and by t...
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April 29, 1963 -- Wolf Point Residential Tower Announced
29, 1963 – Mayor Richard J. Daley announces plans to build an
80-story apartment building west of the Merchandise Mart on Wolf Point.  The building will be the tallest building in
the Midwest and the fourth tallest in the world, rising 782 feet with a...
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April 28, 1952 -- Congress Expressway Project Obtains Final Three Lots
April 28, 1952 – Acquisition of land for the
Congress Street expressway comes to an end as the Chicago City Council approves
purchase of three downtown properties, the last of 1,860 parcels that have been
acquired since 1942. The final three properties, pur...
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April 27, 1968 -- Police Arrest 50 As 5,000 Protest War in Vietnam
April 27, 1968 – Approximately 5,000 people
gather in Grant Park for a rally against the war in Vietnam, and before the day
is over 50 protestors are under arrest and 15 people are injured.  The day begins with no sign of trouble as
“demonstrators gathered ...
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April 26, 1954 -- C. T. A. Agrees to Remove Van Buren Street Connector
April 26, 1954 – As the plan moves forward to
extend Wacker Drive south in order to join with the new Congress Street
expressway, The Chicago Transit Authority board on this date agrees to remove
and relocate the elevated structure in Van Buren Street betwe...
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April 25, 1972 -- Hyatt Breaks Ground on Illinois Center Hotel
April 25, 1972 – More than a hundred businessmen
and city officials gather to celebrate the ground-breaking for the new 1,000
room convention hotel developed by Hyatt Corporation, the Prudential Insurance
Company of America, Metropolitan Structures, and Ill...
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April 24, 1926 -- Albany Park Gets a New Park
April 24, 1926 – Albany Park district commissioners
complete the purchase of a 14-acre parcel of land that straddles the Chicago
River, bounded on the east by Lawndale Avenue, on the west by Ayers Avenue, on
the North by Foster Avenue, and on the south by C...
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April 23, 1992 -- Lake County Forest Preserve District Riled Up over Ft. Sheridan
A pril 23, 1992 – The Lake County Forest Preserve
commissioners vote to protest a decision by the Department of Defense regarding
the fate of Ft. Sheridan.  Playing both
offense and defense, the commissioners vote to write a strongly worded letter
to the Pe...
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