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AMS Debt Collection Agency
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS / Commercial Debt Collection Agency
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS / Commercial Debt Collection Agency


Our collection agency handels B2B accounts for collection, This year seems to be even worst than last year with companies not wanting to pay there debts, We are sending over 50% of our accounts to collection attorneys because the debtors seem to just not care. Act fast if you have a customer over 60 days past due you need to put them on a deadline and if no payment place them for collection.
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AMS has been in business for over 12 years We have an A rating in the BBB, a full attorney network and no fee if no collection. Let AMS be your full service debt collection agency.
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AMS is adding a collection division network in south florida to help us with the increase of bad bebt in S Florida
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Intro to Account Management Systems
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No Upfront Fees
No Sign Up Charges
In Business Since 1999
Contingency Fee Programs
Legal Forwarding Network
Monthly Status Reports
Nationwide Coverage
Competitive Rates
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AMS has a network of collection attorneys in all 50 states. This helps us recovery money that is due to our clients and prevents our clients from taking a total loss.

Collection Tip of the Month
"Credit References" When a new account gives you credit References. to set up a new account, Ask the customer to give you 3 references in the letter A, D,& M, or any 3 letters you choose this way they can't just give you there 3 best references and this will help you cut down bad debt by knowing the true payment history of your customers.
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