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Congratulations to all winners of the Create for the Kingdom Austin 2014

People’s choice - The Art Of Neighboring – Film  
Best App or Site started at the event - The 10 Minute Give
Runner-up App or Site started at the event – FosteredCare
Best App or Site started before the event - GospelFunder
Runner-up App or Site started before the event – Evant
Best Film started at the event - The Art Of Neighboring
Runner-up Film started at the event – Grace Has a Home
Best Film started before the event - Prayer Labyrinth short film
Best Game started at the event - Virtual Prayer Walk
Runner-up Game started at the event - SpitFire
Seat at Tech Ranch’s Venture Forth 8 week boot camp for startup entrepreneurs - Jeff Dyck
We also awarded two prizes for the best use of Faith Comes By Hearing’s Digital Bible Platform.
Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform API - Our Daily Bread*
Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform API - Memoryize!

Thanks to all participants, judges, mentors, and sponsors for making the this event a success. Thanks to Jim Carroll and Tangoe, Inc. for hosting us at their wonderful facility.
Special thanks to Mark Stephan, Anne-Marie Clegg, Lisa Reid, Kym Good, Shamichael Hallman, Ben Amstutz, Ali Llewellyn, Nicholas Skytland and Keith Casey for an amazing event logistics job.

We hope to see you at the NYC Code for the Kingdom hackathon on Nov 6, 8-9 2014.

#C4TK #Hackathon #GOD

Mark Stephan

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Come join us in SFO for a Christian Tech Hackathon.
May 30th - June 1st, 2014

It's back, it's bigger and it's beautiful. The fourth edition of the Code for the Kingdom is bringing the celebration back to where it all began - the West Coast. On May 30 - June 1, the NestGSV campus in Redwood City, CA will host developers, designers, entrepreneurs, creative individuals from all disciplines, investors, industry and non-profits leaders, as we gather for a weekend to Code for the Kingdom. 

Catch Pat Gelsinger's (CEO - VMWare) keynote session, connect with industry experts and work with other bright minds as you hack away on your next Kingdom venture.
The weekend will steer participants toward the development of apps with over $10,000 being awarded. We're looking for games to teach and enable, in children and adults, greater spiritual growth and justice; consider building new technologies to foster a culture of generosity; ask why our Churches still lack ways to bring people together and inspire future leaders - and change that. Build technologies to help rescue victims of human trafficking, alleviate global hunger, or bring hope to the fatherless. Create new apps to help bring spiritual wellbeing to children and adults. And much more.
However, this time although the prizes are many, the seats are limited. But as a valued community member, you are not forgotten! Grab an early bird seat and use the promotion code C4TKFRIENDS to get your ticket for $5 if you register before April 18th.

Register today to join the greatest gathering of Christians who want to transform lives with technology.

It's your code. It's your calling.

#c4tk #hackathon #bayarea

Mark Stephan

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We've had a lot of Spiritual Warfare.

Join us in Praying for the GospelFunder Team.

We won't pray long, but we want to be effective and petition our Father, who is more than willing to hear from us. There is something special and powerful about praying together as one family.

Why are we praying now?: We've had fires, house explosions, Insurance company cruelty, IRS issues, nutty servers, etc... This is only a small list of the off-the-wall problems we've had. Everyone on the GospelFunder team has felt spiritual oppression. All on the team feel Satan wants this stopped, luckily, all on the team also feels that God wants us to persevere. 

If you can make it, let's pray together!

Feel free to invite others.
Pray for GospelFunder & Team
Wed, August 6, 2014, 11:00 AM EDT

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