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Shea Allen
Shea Allen : Coffee, sarcasm, card tricks and a good pair of stilettos.
Shea Allen : Coffee, sarcasm, card tricks and a good pair of stilettos.

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My latest reveal: Scotch & Small Business Strategy
Wearing a bra & behind the camera: Introducing   MR.RED HEADED REPORTER WATCH: Scotch & Small Business Strategy Then visit:

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Its almost my birthday....

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I had to write. The sick feeling in my stomach compelled me to get it out. So I did. Please read and share. #WDBJ  

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Voyeurism. #Hashtags. Murder.
Voyeurism. The term comes from the French  voyeur ,
which means "one who looks". Add the hashtag and now your subject of
interest can trend on social media, index in search engines and unite you with
others wanting to gobble up the same guilty pleasure. Mur...

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Ten or so reasons why flying is more terrifying than ever
Photo courtesy Tumblr. One
of the most important qualities of a successful blogger is relevancy. This
writer is currently crafting an article 30 thousand feet up in the sky. You
wouldn’t believe the amount of enjoyment derived from typing an article with a

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Taking a stab at fiction.
So I've been working my craft and taking a few small stabs at fiction. I have my mind stuck on a theory that explains my inevitable fall from  one WTF moment after another . Meet my good friend, Murphy .   27 has proved to indeed be a pivotal year for " you...

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Did we forget about the Redskins?
It was just last week that we were all holding hands singing "We Shall Overcome" and celebrating the swift judgement handed down against Clippers' owner Donald Sterling . People called his comments grotesque and stood in awe that the NBA would have ever let...
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