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So I am hiring... and I suddenly wonder when JOBS will be added to G+... why not? Everyone will be here so this is a good spot to add it? Why would I want to go anywhere else?
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However, +aaron wall posted about a NYT article deriding our profession. In his post, he references Compete stats which state Youtube already accounts for over 5% of Google's downstream clicks. He goes on to postulate how this will increase w/ Blogger, Google+, NFC, etc.

Wouldn't a job board only further Aaron's concerns?

Also, should Google add a job board, I'd request it be a separate product that one could access from the Google+ toolbar. Simply from a UX standpoint I'd oppose any merging of streams.
All in good time I'm sure. I think they have more immediate things on the mind right now like search ( equivalent), and groups (some form of hashtag equivalent). But yea jobs would be a great addition, would probably come as +Robert Visser says, as a separate product that feeds into your stream.
Agreed that it would be a great addition, Bruce. It does seem like the sort of thing that they might consider better launching as a satellite to G+, like Maps, Calendar, etc., as it could potentially become a bulky app.
I see G+ being intertwined to the point of not being able to be separated from other Google components, the new Google where even search is a sub-function of G+. Yes... perhaps Jobs is an add-on, but it is more likely to be integrated just like I expect News to be integrated. G+ is an entirely new beast and we have seen none like this before. It is much more than suspected.
Bruce, I have a feeling that all the Google products (for at least a year or two) were developed with this in mind. After Google Wave fizzled, I believe the Facebook/Twitter model made a little more sense, and was less risky. In my opinion, they hit it out of the park with G+ ... Excited to see what gets integrated down the road.
depend on how google+ will evolve will it lean towards facebook ( looks more like twitter so far not many of my friends on here) or twitter or LinkedIn in or all of above anyones guess?
And it depends on how we want G+ to evolve, it depends of course on Us. Energy does not lies, I think that's the reason why some people are not yet here, seems like here at G+ are only we, the smart guys :-)
The people that are using Google+ are the employees that you will want on your staff considering a good number of the people on Google+ are aware of SEO. 
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