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I think that the opportunities for social and search and ad reach will be fantastic with G+... and I for one think Google brilliant for arranging a perfect storm. With Business Pages however, while great for small businesses, they will compete with our own websites for ranking, making G+ a hub and a top-ranking one at that... think Wikipedia for companies powered by social. You know what that means, right? SEO is top-3 organic or fail. Open for rebuttal...
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Couldn't agree more. Just saw someone re-share Paul Allen's mention that Kevin Rose decided, since there was so much more interactivity here, that he was going to forward his blog directly to Plus 1. While I understand the sentiment and possible utility in that...I keep hearing that quote about 'growing a tree 20 years ago' ringing in my ears and that building someone elses tree, while popular (think geocities or myspace or anything else that has come and gone), is might still be a very worthy cause to continue building one's own 'tree' so to speak. What triggered that wordy comment, your mention of businesses competing with their own websites. :)
I suppose that's not so bad for people like you and me with our names in the business name, I think you are right though, if this becomes a major source of Identity (which it totally has the potential to), then it's going to be critical for businesses to use this channel. Next up, getting people to link to your Google profile ;)
Brian, we already SEO Places pages effectively... just need to see how the business page data and linking merges with Place pages... it will merge, right? I think it will all blend together and the social mapping will be all inclusive.
Bruce, I wonder if Google is already including Google+ posts, comments and link data in its search results.
It seems like the way Google+ operates it is based more for individuals rather than businesses. I'm interested to see how they will adapt this for brands and businesses. I know they are working on it, and they have said they are taking their time to get it right.
+Bruce Clay Google seems slow to integrate services in that way (to be fair that could be old hat thinking ie, was true under ES as CEO), think about the time from the launch of Places, to the time Places pages started showing up in traditional SERPS ... lets just hope that doesn't happen here. When they do open that floodgate of business profiles (rumored to be within the next few weeks), I hope there is a "Merge with my Places Page" option... fingers crossed...
Great insight into where this may go...scary thought about G+ business pages competing with corporate websites.
Nice writeup. I know it's tempting to use URL shorteners, but I always hated the loss of branding there... What do you think of the idea of using as a shortcut? Provided you have a short enough domain this makes more sense to me
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