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Bruce Clay
Owner of Bruce Clay, Inc., an Internet Marketing Optimization company
Owner of Bruce Clay, Inc., an Internet Marketing Optimization company


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Ask me anything on Reddit next Wednesday. You can post your questions here now

They ask for "no questions about mustaches" but I'm not necessarily opposed.
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#SEO Godfather Bruce Clay will answer all your digital marketing questions in a #Reddit #AMA beginning Aug. 26 (talk about an offer you can't refuse!). Get your questions in early — you can post now! 

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My latest blog article on the +Bruce Clay, Inc. blog. Does Google have a responsibility to webmasters to refresh Penguin? I work with a lot of businesses who are under penalty that have done their due diligence in cleaning up their link profiles and have been waiting for a refresh for 10+ months now. Meanwhile, over the past 2 months, Google has seemed to refresh every algorithm EXCEPT Penguin. Does Google have a duty to refresh? Or at least be transparent about why they haven't? #seo   #penguin   #google  

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YUP... starting on the 405. What's all the fuss?
So, in celebration of the 405 closing this weekend ("Carmageddon").. this picture sums up my idea of what it will look like....

First test - when you are away from the internet for a while, when you do get back where do you go first? I noticed I go to G+ first and I think it worthy. Check tomorrow... G+ grows on you quickly. I can see myself edging away from the other sites ... what were they again?

I think that the opportunities for social and search and ad reach will be fantastic with G+... and I for one think Google brilliant for arranging a perfect storm. With Business Pages however, while great for small businesses, they will compete with our own websites for ranking, making G+ a hub and a top-ranking one at that... think Wikipedia for companies powered by social. You know what that means, right? SEO is top-3 organic or fail. Open for rebuttal...

I think that we have not seen the full impact until Google uses our data (perhaps with analytics) to out-do the FB persona targeting with their own behavior targeting for those ads that are sure to come. And I am sure we will see local and adwords impact the revenue model. I expect ad crossover will be implemented before year end. How many believe Google is NOT in business to make money?

So I am hiring... and I suddenly wonder when JOBS will be added to G+... why not? Everyone will be here so this is a good spot to add it? Why would I want to go anywhere else?

Fascinating. I just had time to actually use G+. I think Iwill have an enhanced experience because of what was learned with Facebook& Linkedin. The early use taught me that I need to group friends as workand personal, and as colleagues, employees, competitors, work friends, or not.Thanks to Facebook for helping get us to G+... too bad you were not therefirst. I want educated dialog and proper alerts and news, not more"farmers" than a small country.
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