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Thank you Jeff! You are a true inspiration; watching your videos has convinced me that I owe it to myself to at least try to make it happen. Today, I will be releasing my first blog on Tumblr where I talk about “Loving Yourself First”. I guess, for me, it was a mix of fear and procrastination, waiting to have the perfect text, the ideal words, but in the end, I was not helping anyone by keeping all my thoughts hidden on my computer. Ironically enough, my coaching niche is guys coming out of the closet; and yet I was myself hiding and waiting for the perfect timing to be perfect!!! Well! I am not perfect, and I will never be, but I will always aim to improve myself.
Your videos made the scale tip and I am now 49% scared but 51% convinced that this will work.
I too play guitar and my wish is that one day we can pull some strings together. I wrote the last sentence then erase it, then typed is again, thinking I might sound ridicule; it is like being shy of dreaming big.
You gave me inspiration and courage and in a few hours my first blog will be published. From my soul to yours: Merci! Jeff, Thank you! I wish you an awesome day!
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Thank you!  Still taking replies!  
3 Questions about Love!  / The truth about my next Lover ! Looking for single woman, 30yo +

Hey there!  Thank you to those who filled the short survey.  I am so grateful at the interest and the amount of replies that I have thought of posting it again.  I have tweaked the questions a little and the introduction.  

Thank you for sharing and of filling it out!  BTW it is anonymous.  ;-)
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