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Have you seen our new website -, an online patient community that's improving healthcare for everyone through sharing, support & knowledge. Post your story or question & learn from others with similar health experiences. Free to join.

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New Google Algorithm Update

An update to the Google search algorithm will go live over the next few days, targetting websites that Google considers to be ‘over optimised’ and instead promoting those offering ‘high quality content’. It suggests that around 3% of websites will be affected by the change and could see large falls in search positions.

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EU Cookie Directive - Is Your Site Compliant?

The EU Cookie Directive comes into force on 26th May 2012. This legislation requires all website owners to be transparent about how cookies are used on their sites, detailing exactly what information each cookie holds, how long it will be held and actively requires users' permission before cookies can be used. What compliance with the legislation means in practice has been long debated, but there are things that you need to do, now.

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SearchPath creates iPad Apps for the Research Councils UK

SearchPath has just delivered two interactive iPad applications to the Research Councils to help engage and educate the general public at a series of exhibitions around the country.

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Finally Google has allowed companies to join Google+ so here we are. Looking forward to seeing how this develops!
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