Just read an article accusing me of homophobia, yet again, because of my desire to see more gay characters who aren't stereotypical camp cartoons. Apparently that desire is based off me thinking, and I quote, "The best faggot is the sort of faggot you don't know is a faggot." Obviously, I never said that in the article at all, but that's what the person decided I said.

I actually like camp characters, but we have LOADS of them. There are plenty of gay people who actually AREN'T of the lisping, mincing, variety, and who don't define their entire personality by their sexuality. I would like to see more of those, and I would like to see homophobic people understand that being gay does not change who a person is.

But every time I try and express that, SOME piece of shit tries to turn it into an attack on me and declare my homophobic intentions for me. I just ... ugh. I just wish it wouldn't be so hard for people to read what I write and not project their own problems onto me.
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