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Check out a quick glimpse of our mexico 2014 trip

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Absolutely amazing. These guys are certifiable and I love them :)

thank you for welcoming me into the community,
i will post my ride soon i think.

i was just curious as to rather anyone is doing winter riding this season and what your thoughts, practices are etc.

a little about myself,
i am somewhat of a newer rider.
i recently bought a 2012 ninja 250 to commute on and for my wife to learn.
she is only 5'3 (on a tall day) and needs a smaller bike.
i have almost 5k miles on it already and currently am riding 100.1 miles per day (literally, i'm not guessing)
if its not snowing and there's only light rain then i am riding.
most mornings it's around 40 degrees Fahrenheit when i leave and is still dark, so it gets a little chilly.

i also alternate between a 2011 Kawasaki versys and a 2006 HD sportster
when i can snatch one from my Dad :)

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What music increases your work productivity?
i've noticed songs like this increase my productivity 30-40 percent

Anyone on instagram? Let me know #natedogs911

Im just laughing at the chinese venders that manufactured cases based on "leaked" iphone 5 specs. 
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