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Robin Benson
Long retired magazine Art Director
Long retired magazine Art Director

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Collier's / October 1953 / complete issue

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The city booked
It says something for the world's premier city that this book could have been published any time in the last few decades and still been full of wonderful photobooks. There are forty-nine titles considered and each gets an initial page with a long essay comb...

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Slowly falling apart
A nother abandoned world photo book from Carpet Bombing Culture who are probably the leading publishers of this book genre. Photographer Tong Lam has travelled around the world to capture a collection of junked structures with, of course, two of the regular...

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twen / issue 11 1964 / selected pages

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Paper chase
A well meaning but rather lightweight look at the CIA rendition program up to 2008. The book is made up of some brief essays about the program and lots of official document facsimiles from American and European sources confirming the flight plans of private...

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Love: the art of romancebook / book / 1981

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I don't think he wanted this
Book three. Book three. Book three. Book three. Book three Book three Book three. Book three. A n expensive box-set of three books. Two are facsimiles of Eugene Smith's original mock-ups and the third book has some essays about him and largish thumbnails of...

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Cracker Barrel Annual Reports 1989 / 1990 / 1991
Three more Cracker Barrel Annual Reports , previous  ones and a bit about them are mentioned in October 3013 Archive . Famous for sticking items on their covers and inside pages, the 1989 one had a newspaper clipping, 1990 a bus ticket and 1991 a packet of ...

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Get gas
In the influential 1975/6 exhibition New topographics there were only
two gas station photos (Robert Adams and John Schott) which is odd as
these buildings were an integral part of the American landscape and as
David Freund says in a brief essay in book ...

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Pathmark supermarket flyers
W ould a supermarket flyer ever win a design award? The roar of never is deafening and I would almost agree, except have a look at the three below. Considering that good design means communicating with clarity and style I think these Pathmark flyers succeed...
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