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Fun to be back at the Googleplex for the day. Strange to be here as an advertising customer...

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Good overview of how Google deals with government requests for data.

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My thoughts on the issues with +Tesla Motors in New Jersey.

Thanks to +Glenn Wilson and +Brad Feld for a little inspiration to write something again.

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"This is the angst that fills those in the news business, and society broadly. The reality of the Internet is that there is no more bell curve; power laws dominate, and the challenge of our time is figuring out what to do with a population distribution that is fundamentally misaligned with Internet economics."

This is why great journalists will thrive in the digital era - even if publications struggle.

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Important story about how a good general counsel kept Ben Horowitz out of jail.  Important lesson for entrepreneurs.  

If this is what didn't make it into the book, I can't wait to see what did!

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Love this concept of "re-decentralizing" the web.  Such a critical component of what makes the web a powerful platform!

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Chromeboxes are perfect for video conferencing.  Great product and integration with Uberconference makes this even better.  Might have to give this a try at +Upstart 

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"In most countries, education feels like a car factory. In Finland, the teachers are the entrepreneurs."

I love that analogy. There's is a lot we can learn from this model.

"For the traditional executives running these large companies, of course they want to grow, of course they want to innovate, of course they’d rather have revenue grow faster than slower, but they mostly don’t want to lose what they’ve got. But entrepreneurs are deathly afraid that they won’t be able to change the world, and that somebody else will."

Great insights from Steve Case about the challenges established companies face when trying to innovate.
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