On crushing fears via photography

I am a very visual person.

I think a lot of us here can empathize and relate to that statement. I learn and grow best by seeing more than by any other method. So, I thought I'd give photography a shot as a method to help me cope and break my crippling fear of flying.

Over the past year, I've flown more than ever before in my life. Getting over my fear was not so much a convenience as much as it was a requirement for me to keep my sanity.

So, I started taking photos of takeoff and landing, two of the more harrowing parts of a flight. I know, I know. No electronics during this time. I have no excuse except that I don't think my Fuji X100 will affect much of the takeoff and/or landing. Still, I am not condoning breaking FAA regulation. :)

So, I thought sharing this should would help you visualize how I feel when we're beginning our flight. I look at this shot and I start putting things in their place. The concept of flying starts to make sense because I can see it in action here.

Maybe it can help others out there with the same fear.

Do any of you use photography to cope with any of your own personal fears?
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