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So I have been running a homebrewed Book of Quests with 5 players, 4 of which are brand new to rpgs ...

The group is loving the D100 system, and have all grasped it very easily.

So far we have completed the first module in the series, Caravan, and are heading to the second module. I have thrown in the odd side-trek to distract them but it has been a lot of fun. 

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Thanks for the invite Jason. Very cool subject 

I'd like to get together with RPGamers in Pretoria, ideally the East but not hectic serious. I am interested in kicking off a campaign using Mongoose Publishing's Legend Game System, if anybody is interested?

The campaign will be a fantasy rpg set in my homebrew setting.

If there is no interest to get together face to face I'd be interested in running the game via Google Hangouts as well. 

This Community is pretty quiet. Does anyone have any ideas to pick things up a bit?

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My dog, Leia, sleeping on top of the table instead of inside her dog house. #bostonterrier

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We are hard at work on the second Snap Site, the Silver Linings Bookstore. Once again we offer ideas on how the site can be used, a random generator for book names, 8 characters to fill the bookstore with and a beautiful map by +Frank Turfler 

The props available will be slip covers of occult books (also a form fillable option to add your own names), smaller books to print, fold and paste (see the example) and 2 bookmarks as well.

Keep an eye out on social media, it won't be long till the second Snap Site is live. :)

If you want to have a look at the first Snap Site, Vamonos Pizza, follow the link.

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Coming Soon. Work-in-Progress art by Jack Kaiser.

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Classic Fantasy Sneak Preview!

This is a special sneak peak at the highly anticipated RuneQuest 6 and Mythras supplement, Classic Fantasy. With this book (to be released in April or May), fans of d100 roleplaying systems have all the tools they need to undertake Old School dungeon and wilderness crawls, with all the classes, spells, magic items and monsters found in one of the most venerable and fondly remembered game systems in the hobby.

This 18 page preview gives a sample of the new rules, spells and monsters Classic Fantasy contains. It also introduces Mythras - the new name for RuneQuest 6th Edition, and we hope you enjoy this sample of what is to come!

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