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Dans le Cristal d'une Fontaine
Commission for Rebecca ( Watercolours and white ink on paper (A4)

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Les Lunes et les Siècles Passeront
 Moons and Centuries Will Pass Collaboration with my friend Vulpes-de-Lune His initial sketch and idea : My own coloured sketch :  Painting process.  Tools : A4 200g/m2 Canson paper, Sennelier watercolour paints, white ink and of course, salt.  

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"Quand viendra le matin"
"Quand viendra le matin"  Commission for Francesca ( ) Watercolours and white ink on paper (24*32cm) Early sketches ideas   Final lineart Process   Final painting  

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Invocation à la Lune Noire
Another collaboration with Vulpes-de-Lune His initial idea and sketch : What I did with :  (tools used : A3 300g/m² paper, watercolours, black and white inks) Final painting :    Daemonia Nymphe - Nocturnal Hecate

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Elle attisait la Flamme des Etoiles
 Process of another collaboration with Vulpes-de-Lune ,  creator of the original idea and initial sketch below My own colours studies in watercolour sketchbook  Process of the artwork Tools : 200g/m² A4 paper, watercolour, white ink, salt /!\ awful quality ...

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Watercolour sketchbook II
Coloured sketches (A5 format) Sei Fantasie (2014) Finished painting here.  Licorne (2014)  Château-Rocher (2014)

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"In the deep woods, a family" - Progress
 A commission for Rachael (  Tools used :  300g/m² 24*32cm paper, watercolours in half-pans, watercolours in tube  (ultramarine and black), white ink, salt Round brushes n°0, 3, 6, 10.   The final artwork :

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Farseer Trilogy - I didn't mean to break your heart
FitzChivalry and Molly Chandler Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb Marillion - Kayleigh

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Mjaðveig daughter of Máni
Illustration loosely based on an Icelandic tale called "Sagan af Mjaðveigu Mánadóttur" (with some huuuuge northern gannets).   Mjaðveig
is the daughter of the king Máni. As the king just lost his wife, he
sends messengers to find a new queen. His men trav...

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“And we'll ride throughout the land on white horses"
I admit I can't say when exactly I painted that (quite big, for me) acrylic piece on canvas (50*70cm).  I only remember I think I read Halldór Laxness "Iceland's Bell" between 2012 and 2013. This depicts two of the main characters of the story, Arnas Arnaeu...
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