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Aviv Karni
The stars are high, life is short, and the house always takes a cut...
The stars are high, life is short, and the house always takes a cut...
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These and his past releases are gorgeous!
Next in my series of planet wallpapers: Here's Saturn

Saturn (for phones, desktops, and tablets)
Resolutions: 1080x1920 - 1440x2560 - 3200x1800 - 3840x2160 

--- Previous work ---

Jupiter & Europa (for phones, desktops, and tablets) 

Earth (for phones, desktops, and tablets)

Mars (for phones, desktops, and tablets)

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A tractor working the field at twilight.

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Really cool.
This is what Mars would look like "Terraformed". I have a whole new perspective on genetic engineering. Learning about so many interesting new technologies at +Singularity University. #SingularityU #GSP15 #space #technology

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Files that did not make the Companion #1

Over the next month or two we plan on posting a few files from Robert Jordan's notes that, for one reason or another, will not be represented directly in the forthcoming The Wheel of Time Companion.

While some of these files won't be exciting to a lot of people [YMMV depending on personal interests], they offer good examples of the types of material RJ felt it was important to document. They have been edited in minor ways for consistency and ease of reading-- for example, most of the entries in this post had codes designating where each expression appeared in the books, a carry over from the days pre-digitalization.


Aan'allein: One Man, etc; Lan's name among the Aiel.

algai'd'siswai: refers to those who carry the spears. 

armcry, the: the cry rousing to fight or defend.

Car'a'carn: Aiel title meaning “chief of chiefs;” referred to in Prophecy of Rhuidean.

Rhuarc speaks of death as "she."
Eyeless: Aiel name for Myrddraal.

“I ask leave to defend your roof and hold.” A formal Aiel way of accepting hospitality.

"I have toh." A straightforward acknowledgment.

"I hear the wind." What has been said is foolish or stupid.

"I hear you."  "I do not hear you."
"I see you."  A greeting/acknowledgement.

"If you plan for the worst, all surprises are pleasant."
Leafblighter: a term for the Dark One.

Leafblighter's get: Aiel term for Trollocs.

Maiden handtalk.

"May I never know shade if...."
"May you find shade this morning (or day)."  An Aiel greeting.
"May you always find water and shade."

"My water is yours;" an Aiel ways of saying thanks
"My water is yours, and the shade of my septhold will welcome you."
More formal than simply "my water is yours," and more binding to obligation.

Nightrunner: Aiel name for Myrddraal.

“Remember me.”

“Shade of my life.” “Shade of my heart.”

Shadoweyes: Aiel name for animal spies.

Shadowman: Aiel name for Myrddraal.

Shadowrunners: used by three Maidens to mean Darkfriends. Amys also used it.
Shadowsouled: Aiel name for Forsaken.
Shadowtwisted: Aiel name for Trollocs. 

siswai'aman: the Spear of the Dragon.

"Sleep well and wake."  An Aiel way of saying goodnight.

"Some time again maybe, some day." Aiel way of saying never again when they don't want to say it right out.

"They/he hear(s) only the wind."  They don't listen; don't see/hear what is important; a fool.

“to give a Maiden an interest gift.” To do something reckless.

twitchskirt; flipskirt (Aiel): a flirt and a tease, maybe even an actual roundheels.

“Your honor is mine.”


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Clouds! Sunrise! Michigan!

+VSCO​ Cam for Android is already a good app, but I believe there are a few minor improvements to make that would bring it closer to being a great app.

1) On the Library screen, when I scroll to the very top and tap the + button to import photos into my VSCO Cam library, the dialogue box that is opened requires me to choose an image viewing app every time. I think most users only use one image viewer. Android supports choosing a default app when that button is tapped, as detailed at . Even though this dialogue would allow a user to choose a default app, they also have the option of not doing so, which would preserve your current functionality instead of replacing it, keeping (maybe?) everyone happy!

2) When viewing my Library, I'd like to have the option to sort my Library by the date the image was taken, which I believe is preserved in an image's EXIF data. This would be a wonderful way to sort through my VSCO Cam library to off to friends.

An option to export my selected images, preserving the image's EXIF date taken and/or created data, and ignoring preexisting images in the export directory (based on file name, since this directory only contains VSCO Cam images), would be an excellent alternative.

3) When I slide out the navigation menu on the left, the circle of dots that signifies a menu does not mean a menu in any other Android app. A hamburger icon, as floats on the Library currently, would be much more intuitive, as this is what the majority of Android (okay, Google and a lot of other) apps now use.

4) When previewing filters on a photo, swiping left or right on an image would be a fun, fast way to switch filters, as opposed to the current "drudgery" of tap... tap... tap... swipe the tiny list to the next set... tap... tap... tap... swipe the the tiny list to the next set... etc.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share. :)

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The law of work seems unfair, but nothing can change it; the more enjoyment you get out of your work, the more money you will make.
- Mark Twain

#Inspiration #Life #Success #Happiness #Truth #Workout

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Now that I've been living with my Note 4 about six weeks...

My Moto X is still being used for music and podcasts and it is holy tiny.

Physical size of the GN4 is workable. The one handed accommodations that can be enabled in software are wonderful.

Annotating images has been great.

The high res screen... I've had video calls with Tristan running and when he wanders away, I can have a chat app and Chrome or whatever else I want to do open in windows... I am now very glad the screen is so high res. The Minuum keyboard is great for these situations as well.

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I've been going to the Allegan store since we moved to Allegan, the owners are wonderful people. I'm really glad they are doing well.
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