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Tim von Holten
I saw something nasty in the woodshed.
I saw something nasty in the woodshed.

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Philip Kubicki, creator of the legendary Factor bass, among other things, passes away.

Who is Glenn Proudfoot, and does he own any shirts?

An old friend of mine created this site you might be interested in. It syncs video and real-time tabs. Extremely cool.

I just traded in my Java Boost and Phaseur Fleur for a Sonic Stomp and a RAT. New toys!

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I just learned about Vivian Maier, an until-now-undiscovered photographer from Chicago. My heart melted. Her work is absolutely brilliant. I found out about her through a G+ post from a friend about a documentary that will be out soon about the discovery of thousands of rolls of her film that she shot over the course of 50 years but never developed. Astounding. I bought a book of the images from some of these rolls, and it is really inspirational. Here's the link to the documentary:

Finding Vivian Maier - Official Movie Trailer

Snow! According to local media, driving conditions are hazardous!

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Some grandmas knit.
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