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I need to tell anyone wanting to fulfill a dream to visit Triple S Wildlife Ranch in Calvin, Oklahoma. All my life I wanted to go hunting and bag my first deer. I hunted the past three years and had no luck in getting my deer. And one morning early while looking through the computer at Hunting lands, I ran across Triple S. I then emailed the owner Mr. Seibert. A more friendly and compassionate man I have never known. As I am somewhat handicapped, as I cant walk very far at all and have to use a cane, I didnt think that I could go on a hunt. Well, that was no problem at all. Mr. Seibert was so upbeat and so thrilled to hear from me. I wanted to pinch myself. And to make things more unreal. I had always told my husband that I wanted to bag a doe and have her hung in our den with all my husbands bucks. And then a miracle did happen. Triple S Ranch made it possible for me to not only go hunting with a wonderful, wonderful guide, Bobby. From the time we arrived at the ranch, Bobby made me feel like a queen. And before I knew it, that first day, out of all the things I had chosen to hunt, I had chosen a Fallow doe. With beautiful spotted hide and wonderful size. And by the end of that first day, I not only chose my doe, but shot my doe with my cross bow. What a dream come true. And a miracle story I will tell all the rest of my days for sure. There will never be another day such as this, not until I go back next time. lol! Thank you Triple S Wildlife Ranch, Mr. Seibert and Mr. Bobby my wonderful guide. Who made this 63 year old grandmother with some disabilities, believe I was special and I could have my own doe in my den and in my freezer. God Bless and keep you all. If you are looking for a true dream hunt and not have to go to Africa, please contact Triple S in Oklahoma and make that dream come true for any hunting you have ever been dreaming of.
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