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Whats happenin'??
First there was Annecy (June)  10 days in France at the international animation festival!!! Lets just say it was pretty damn awesome, planning to go again next year =]  Then came graduation (7th July)  that was alright, I guess =]  AND THEN....... on 11th A...

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"An Honourable Fabrication"
Here it finally is, my 3rd year film, which if you've read my blog before will know, I had many technical difficulties with. You can see where if I had more time I would have re-done certain shots. However, I was going for a glitchy old crackly look, to mak...

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Charlie Chaplin
Thursday 7th May, after first submittal on Tuesday I've now had lots of feed back. All positive too! Both tutors have looked at my work separately and they have both said they like the look of my puppets and sets.  One of them said that my work has an old c...

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The Road So Far...
Sunday 19 th April Worked 10am – 4pm, drove around
picking up friends and all their band gear for a gig. After the gig load up car with all my
puppets, sets and props ready to take to uni tomorrow for filming. Monday 20 th April. Drove to uni, made 3 trips ...

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Company research: Yamination studios Yamination studios is situated in
Birmingham, which is about an hour and a half from my home town of
Milton Keynes. The company was founded in 2009 by Drew Roper, a
multi-award winning stop-motion animator. The studio was created ...

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Company research: Laika LAIKA
is an animation studio that produces feature length films as well as
shorts from scratch. Their latest feature film, The Boxtrolls, opened
in September 2014. Prior
to The Boxtrolls, ParanNorman (2012) was nominated for both an Os...

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Company research: Aardman Animations
I have looked into the Bristol based animation studio quite thoroughly as I did my dissertation on marketing stop-motion animation as an art form. Looking specifically at two animation studios as case studies. The well established Aardman animations and the...
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