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David Malouf
Web programmer by day, Philosopher + Comedian by night
Web programmer by day, Philosopher + Comedian by night

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In just 3.5 minutes, this video will show you how to get way, WAY more out of your smartphone! Far-and-away the best watch this year!

Transcript here:


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Just watched and excellent visualization of JavaScript's event-loop in a talk titled, "Philip Roberts: Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop". So very well done - nice job Philip Roberts (@philip_roberts on Twitter).

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Very accessible 'math' for how the primary encryption of the internet (Diffie-Hellman) works.

Also, for those who don't know: this is the simple, publicly known 'lock' for encryption.  There are no 'back doors' possible because you can't 'back door' multiplication... it just is.  The only 'back door' for math is a calculator (haha) which means the only, real, possible 'back door' for this kind of encryption is: use a computer as a super-calculator (more haha).  That's it - no other "back doors".  There are no tricks, secrets, or magic to make really-good cryptography work.  That's why we use it :-)

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Wow - Walk Off the Earth is freakin' CREATIVE!!!

Unbelievably cool service!! Thank you!

As I do not want to abuse this service, I'd like to ask if you have a preference for how often I use the GET/https 'update' URL? I am planning on writing a simple bash-script that'll check if my IP address has changed (by pinging 'myself') and only hitting the https endpoint if my URL has changed... but until I get that done, may I ask how often is 'too often' in your mind?

Again, thanks for such an amazing service!

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According to this Reuters article (, Israel's Supreme Court affirms that it's okay to destroy the homes of "terrorists" - seems that 'terrorist' is defined as Palestinian who kills an Israeli (not an unreasonable definition, in my opinion).

So my question is this: would it not be fair/just for the Palestinian government to equally destroy the homes of all Israelis who kill Palestinians?

Would that not also have the beneficial side-effect of helping deter Israelis who taunt Palestinians into violence, who take the homes of Palestinians and force them into in-country refugee camps, who put a security wall plus "buffer zone" far into the Palestinian side of the internationally agreed on border (taking or destroying homes, vineyards, etc. in the process - you can see this simply using Google Maps, by the way), who imprison without pressing charges for years (contrary to international law), etc.?

My feeling is that at some point in the future, Israelis are going to be charged with Crimes against Humanity... and we the United States will have been one of Israel's strongest allies (accomplices). I fear we won't be able to see our part or we'll justify our role.

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Why can't this be all we do in Intro. to Chemistry?!?

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Not sure why, but I really love this song!  Enough diversity for me to enjoy.  The middle/bridge section is one of those song-parts that I cannot get out of my head - and don't want to :-)  I have awakened to just that part of the tune more than once over the last few months - and I just 'sing' along.

The total opposite of some songs that I just can't get out of my head, but would gladly use even a fork if I could!!

+The Glitch Mob 

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Unbelievably helpful article on using Push Notifications in Chrome on Android... one more step in the move away from native apps and int web-apps.  YAY!

Can't believe this walk-through is free!

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This is why I do software and now hardware (haha)
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