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Kristen Thompson-Riley
Laugh a little. Life's too short to take things so seriously.
Laugh a little. Life's too short to take things so seriously.

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Slammin' the Cam
Today my Facebook feed is flooded with lots of chatter about Cam
Newton and his postgame interview. I was cheering for the Panthers because they
are a Carolina team and have had an awesome season. Yes, I was rooting for my home-state team, but
I wouldn’t co...

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BPD - The Family Secret
2016 will be the first year I’ve spent without either
parent.  There is a definite void and a
sense of feeling lost without my foundation. Despite the challenging
relationship my mother and I had the last few years, I miss her deeply. There
was a time we we...

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My 5 Day Opinion of the 30 Day Isagenix Cleanse
I started
the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning Program this week. Here are my thoughts
on this whole thing thus far. Let me start
by saying, I’ve lost 4.2 pounds in 5 days. So YAY me. Kristen 1 – Fat 0 However, w hile all
diets are challenging, this ...

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Sh*tty Mom Alert!
First I'd like to start this blog off by apologizing in advance. I have had a shitty morning and my mood is less than stellar. Yet somehow I find it's an appropriate time to write in my blog.....probably a decision I will grow to regret later, but what the ...

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Cosmo! Simmer Down Now.
Finishing up my most dreaded weekly grocery shopping trip, I found myself in a gaze into space while waiting for the slowest cashier on the planet. I was daydreaming of being anywhere but there, when out of no where something caught my eye. That something? ...

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When High School Athletes Aspire to Be College Athletes
A Sports-mom's unofficial guide to saving your sanity during the recruiting process. Do you have a student athlete? Do they have hopes and dreams of playing
in college? Trying to figure out how to get them the best exposure? Overwhelmed?  You certainly aren...

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My video response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gone viral. People are irritated by them. I happen to appreciate every single one... And this is why.

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What's Your Story?
Last night I had the luxury of doing something after work
that I rarely get a chance to do, have dinner out by myself. When I was young
(and stupid) I used to think “Only losers go out to eat alone”. The older I
have gotten, the more I realize “Only winners...

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It's That Time of Year.... Give Me Strength!
Well, it's that glorious time of year again when parents prepare themselves for the wrath exitement of back to school. There are many preemptive steps that must be taken to prepare for such a glorious event. The boys and I did the whole dreaded back to scho...

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the eve of my 41st, instead of planning a birthday celebration, I had a hot
date with Loreal. Always faithful and within budget, she helped me rid myself
of pesky gray; an aging occurrence that I am still fighting, but one of the very
few things I refuse...
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