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Pugs-N-Kisses Cookies
Until I became owned by a little pug, I would have never thought of myself as a "pug" person. Perhaps I assumed they were yippy and hyper like some small dogs tend to be. Boy, was I wrong! Our little pug has been such a joy and comfort to our family. There ...

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Christmas Cookie Time
Coloring Cookies ~ Unique party activity! Grab a set of these for a sweet party offering! These gingy-men would make a thoughtful host gift. Coloring Cookies perfect for a Gingerbread themed party!

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Pumpkin Spice Cookies
A few years ago I posted about how to make your own Pumpkin Pie Spice and how tasty it is to add it to your favorite sugar cookie recipe. It also a great way to spice up Oatmeal Scotchies , pancakes, and coffee. I've used the same spice mix in these little ...

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New Flavors In The Shop!
You now have a flavor choice when it comes to your custom decorated cookies! I'm excited to share with you two new flavor offerings: Red Velvet/Cream Cheese and Mint Chocolate/Mint. These are tried and true flavor combinations in the cake and cupcake world ...
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