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Pictures in passing #2
Today I want to share a picture from my veranda with you. I couldn't find a pot for my new lavender, so I found one of my big mugs for it to stay in. And I'm pretty happy with the arrangement!  The mug has been in my brothers basement for a few years, and p...

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Prepping for Stash Dash!
So, The Knit Girllls are once again hosting Stash Dash . And this year I decided to join! This year there will be 3K, 5K, 7K, 10K and 15K levels. I'm aiming for the 5K, hoping for 7K, but will probably end up at 3K. But we'll see. It is after all 89 days of...

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Mystery Knit-A-Long
Yesterday, Sunday 17th of April, I joined a Mystery Knit-A-Long. It's for a shawl, and the first clue was pretty easy, but still interesting. The pattern is by Ardilanak , and the pattern is called Udaberri Mystery KAL . When I first saw this KAL I was thin...

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I'm inspired! Yesterday, I was listening to A Playful Day, and in that episode she talked about preserving and eating seasonal produce. In Norway in the winter months, you don't get much fresh produce, but we do have those veggies that you're able to store ...

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Not throwing away food
The Spanish call it tortilla, the Italians frittata. We Norwegians call it bondeomelett, which translates into farmers omelet. Or as I call it, "chop up veggies and leftovers, cover with eggs and enjoy" omelet. That's what we had for dinner today. Here I ha...

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#14 Leftover Retro Mittens
Last year, after I finished the Retro Playsuit I had some yarn left over. I did make Archimedes von owl out of some of it, but still had a bit left. So I decided to make mittens. But did I finish them? No... But today I did! I finished the #14 Leftover Retr...

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Trønderrokk 2016 update
I'm so glad I went with my mom to the Trønderrokk 2016 last weekend. Not only did she spoil me rotten, but I had a really good time! Thank you mom!! I had met some of the ladies before, bot most of them were new to me. But everyone was just lovely! Friendly...

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Chai Masala #1
I was looking around the web, looking for something yummy to drink, and I stumbled across Chai Masala. Chai Masala is an indian tea made of spices, milk and sugar. And I foundt that there must be equal as many recipes as there are moms in India! So today I'...

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#7 Colorful Crochet Blanket
I started this crochet blanke t in 2013. It's an easy enough project, but crocheting is not my main craft, so crocheting large things makes my wrist hurt a bit. I got half way on this, then, for some reason, I put it away... Suddenly a few years have flown ...

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The List: #8
Why do we hesitate to frog? Is it because we really want to finish the project? Or because we think of all the hours already spent knitting on it? On all those thousands of stitches. Wasn't the yarn as expected? The fabric to dense or to loose? Or didn't th...
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