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Local Business Directory, Internet Hompage, Online Desktop Startpage
Local Business Directory, Internet Hompage, Online Desktop Startpage



MyCityExplorer is currently preparing to rapidly expand our Outbound Sales Force - Nation Wide.
This is an excellent opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Sales Representative roles will include the following:

-Pursue sales to help grow our customer base, focusing on new acquisitions.

-Act as the single point of contact for your maintained accounts while representing
our new and existing full suite of affordable (only $1/Day) services.

-Includes full training, support and the opportunity to become a
territory controller and supervisor in your area.

If this opportunity interests you, we encourage you to contact us immediately!

We are eager to bring MyCityExplorer to all local communities across North America. These are self-employed, commission + residual - based opportunities across North America, offering attractive and uncapped earning potentials and a range of additional incentives. If you feel you can easily sell our services to small businesses in your community, please introduce yourself to us today.

MyCityExplorer is the ideal internet start page when saved as your default homepage, launching automatically every time you connect to the internet providing user friendly convenience and the best of what the web has to offer at your fingertips! This convenient platform generates loyal daily users while obtaining traffic each and every time they open their internet connection, allowing tremendous advertising opportunities for local business exposure. as a business directory allowing for monetization opportunities now proudly serves over 40,000 Cities across the entire North American Continent. There is no better place for a business to advertise and expose their business than an internet homepage used daily by the community.

In these modern times, we encounter a vast variety of web pages on the internet, and continuous launches of new sites. The World Wide Web is growing at a stunning rate. We felt someone should take the initiative to cull out all the unfavourable and unhelpful sites and provide a straightforward selection of the most useful and popular internet resources available. Including: Social Sites, Travel, Jobs, Movies, Sports, Radio, TV, News, Banking, Games, Maps, Magazines, Tech, Health, Government, Utilities, Shopping both Online and Local, & More.

Selling online advertising to small businesses is highly dependent on placement opportunities on a high traffic site. Developing a site to gain high traffic by offering a unique tool effective enough to capture the highest user rate possible was our mandate. What better way to do this than to become a Homepage (or Internet Start Page), and capture consistent daily traffic because we distribute it best!

You can easily personalize MyCityExplorer to match your personal preferences. For example, should you opt for The Washington Post to The New York Times for news, you can easily substitute the The New York Times logo with The Washington Post logo. You can display hundreds of your favourite links in a conveyor belt tool bar on your desktop by choosing them from our icon library or you can add your own links easily. Modify your start page with colour styles, patterns, themes and photographs in order to instantly transform the appearance of MyCityExplorer on your screen creating your very own personalized online desktop.

Certainly not everyone is aware of exactly where to look or click on the internet with the plethora of choices apparent by search results ”which may prove to be frustrating and in some cases useless or time consuming”. As a result, we selected all the most popular resources in a variety of categories and direct you to them within one click.

With ever growing online vertical markets, we feel that our unique and innovative web based marketing solution offered by our MyCityExplorer platform, may be the "Ideal Host" for businesses allowing them to increase their Local market share and day to day presence in their respective communities.

With MyCityExplorer, you can now open your internet connection and find a page similar to your desktop, containing "Your" favourite photos rotating on the background like a screen saver, while featuring every web link "You" use daily or search the most “All On One Convenient Page”.

You won't have to search for a site, instead have everything that matters to "You” one click away while being able to organize it all in a manner appealing to you.

After several years of research, custom proprietary development, market evaluation, hundreds of Local (GEO) Domain Name acquisitions, alpha/beta testing and soft launch, we are pleased to introduce you to is an interactive customizable resource portal specifically designed to help make searching the internet easy, while promoting small to medium sized businesses zeroing in on their local markets.
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